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Last visit with friends in October 2017.

Rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com for rakia workshop:

5D score: 4.8 out of 5.


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…. Comfortable tables and chairs by funkt.eu – the classroom is located in the premises of Sputnik. For those of you who don’t know, Rakia Raketa and Sputnik have the same owners and are side by side. Cosmos is the third place in the triad and you can read about it in my review COSMOS- EXTRATERRESTRIAL SYNCHRONICITY BETWEEN CREATIVITY OF INTERIOR AND CUISINE, SOFIA, BULGARIA;

…. Blackboard with the agenda for the day– heavy disciplines such as quince, plum, single barrel, apple rakia, coupled with bites from the Chef of Rakia Raketa Bar;

…. Copper for brewing rakia- genuine one;

…. Too much darkness in the room, I couldn’t make a decent picture and it is a pity we could hardly see the incredible food.

 Feel ….

…. High mood of students, however classroom discipline was properly maintained by the teacher;

…. Competent teaching by Professor Svetlin Mirchev, who studied enology in Austria , however no less a master in the solid alcohols.

Hear ….

…. At the beginning we listened to the music of bar Sputnik, which was great, but when we started the workshop it was muted and we could hear the teacher perfectly;

…. Revision about the main points about rakia– how to taste, what is Karlovski misket, what is marzipan (which appears to be important for rakia tasting).

Smell ….

…. The unforgettable flavours of quince, apple, plum and grape rakia, aged in oak barrel-  all of them spectacular.

…. The ideal combination of aromas of Rakia with those of the gourmet bites accompanying the tasting;

…. The unpleasant smell of Hamon/prosciutto crudo in one of the bitesthe smell of old fat in that ham is very nasty to me but other people obviously tolerate it well.

Taste ….  

…. Extraterrestrial natural rakia, specially selected by our insightful-master Svetlin, who personally checked the distilleries and ensures that this alcohol is natural without artificial essence and sugar added;

…. The bites accompanying the tasting – no less impressive than the drinks, carefully selected to match them perfectly.

I was planning to attend this famous at Rakia workshop Rakia Raketa Bar for a long time and finally managed to join it, even twice. There are many volunteers to visit these events, dedicated to the wonderful Balkan drink, so you have to be serious in your intentions if you decide to subscribe. This workshop is not about how to get drunk with a strong alcohol. On the contrary, it is about  how to drink with pleasure, understanding, and savor, without losing self-control.

You will learn many things about the production of rakia, for the difference between rakia and brandy, rakia and whiskey. You will understand why rakia must always be accompanied by food and how to combine them both.

Here you will taste really selected drinks, the best representatives of their kind. You will be enchanted by their fragrances. You will hear that the fruit in the drink has hints of chocolate, marzipan, tea, coffee, a whole bunch of smells. I have only two remarks- the room was too dark and I couldn’t make decent photos. The second is that we had to drink a lot. I cannot absorb so much strong alcohol but I guess this is not a problem for most of the students and it is up to the personal level of tolerance.

If you want some homework, you can buy material from master Svetlin and also from his online store rakiashop.eu.

To enroll in this course, you must be serious in your intentions, as I already mentioned above and secondly you need to call 0882517935. You can use also the phone number of Rakia Raketa Bar 02 444 6111.

Address: Rakia Raketa Bar, Sofia,  15-17 Yanko Sakazov str.

Rakia Workshop is organized every month, but you have to keep track for events on the Facebook page of Rakia Raketa Bar.

бул. „Янко Сакъзов“ 17, 1527 Център, София, България


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