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See interior design, which impresses the visitor every consecutive moment with its 4D décor (further I explain what I mean by 4D); the beautiful presentation of each and every dish in the platе, of each and every product in the dish, of each and every drink, the variations of colors in the cocktails and their decoration.

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Smell… subtly combined products’ scents with herbs both in dishes and drinks

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Taste… a traditional mish-mash and Shopska salad, presented and modified a little bit in an extraordinary and memorable way, veal cheeks, variations of meat from East Balkan pig; foam, powder, dehydrated or hydrated products, tasting and looking very nice; the cocktails.

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Feel… how the waiters present and serve the dishes and the drinks to you, as if they are arranged especially for your mood and temper; the interior which changes synchronized with the music.

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Hear… funk and jazz music, based on ethno beats.

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Average score for the last visit: 5 out of 5.

Last visit with family in April 2016

I read somewhere that the constellation Raketa and Sputnik has a new Supernova member.

When I entered Cosmos, I was impressed first by the original outlook but at that moment I didn’t know that it would impress me even more later on.

The personnel welcomed us friendly and impressed us with their hospitality at the very first interaction.  Obviously, all members of the staff knew that there is no second chance to make a great first impression. Until that moment everything was as per my expectations, however I still did not suspect that more was coming.

The usual initial observation of the interior registered urban, modern style but there was also some retro air, typical for the ambiance of Raketa and Sputnik. The mirrored cubes on the walls and the colorful geometric shapes on the ceiling, which are made of blankets, reminded me of old times when cubes were ultra- fashionable and the blankets in Bulgaria were considered two types- from Rodopy mountains and all the rest. Now all this is vintage. It was even more impressive that the cubes were beaming lights to the walls under the rhythm of the music. After that I noticed that the futuristic balls under the ceiling are also glimmering and moving in different directions. This 3-dimensiality and its movement in space and time I called 4D. This is an extraordinary interior created by Funkt.eu that no one has done until now in a public place. That universe was moving around us and we were observers, astronauts, travelling in the gourmet Cosmos, and at the same time stars, served with respect and care. This place is so different, that I don’t know which of its virtues to describe or praise first.

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May be I should start with the music – upbeat funk and jazz, based on ethno rhythm.

The dishes in la carte promised interesting and delicious experience.

The waiter offered 3 more options. We chose 2 salads, one vegetarian, one fish, one veal and one pork dishes. I could not resist the desserts so I decided to try them. My choice for drink was an unknown for me beer- Schneider Weisse.

One of the salads was Shopska and the other Kiopoolu with goat cheese. The first was a typical Shopska salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, Bulgarian white cheese but at the same time very different. It was topped with cheese foam and cheese powder. The products were local  Bulgarian and very delicious. In addition, dressing was offered to emphasize its taste. I have never tasted such interesting and delicious Shopska salad!

The Kiopoolu was plated impressively with bread chips, also very tasty.

The Mish-mash was very original and unique by taste and visioun. The egg foamy and plated on top of the vegetable and goat cheese mix. My older daughter, who is very fastidious about food, couldn’t stop praising the dish. The other of my girls was enjoying her sea bass, which disappeared too fast for her usual manners. I couldn’t even try it. The garnish was very good with black rice, marinated walnuts, cauliflower and cauliflower mousse.

I couldn’t find words to describe the flavor and taste of the veal cheeks and the pork cutlets. I am not a fan of pork meat smell but this one smelled very attractively, garnished with smrachkulka- rare and very delicious mushroom from Bulgaria. The veal cheeks were enhanced with Boletus and chanterelle.

The beer was a very good background for the meal and I shall look for it further in other places.

The dessert sounded very interesting from the description in the menu but it was looking and tasting even better live. Yogurt sorbet on egg cream , surrounded by fine fruit mixture of yuzu, mango, lychee, apple, dredged with meringue chips. We all liked it very much!

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Will I come back in Cosmos? I already did… several times and tried the cocktails more desserts and some other things.

You can choose a cocktail matching your star sign. If you like it , they will prepare it again for you with different decoration and flavors. I had a daiquiri matching the Taurus, decorated with Mursala tea and dehydrated pear. Since I decided to repeat it but this time the bar tender prepared it with cardamom and honey. How did they guess my preferences? Magicians who enchant you and you can’t stop visiting their place on and on and you don’t want to leave it. I tried another good dessert. Chocolate in 3 types of textures. A hard chocolate cover, a soft chocolate padding and a brownie  base. It was balanced with sorbet on the side. Just try it yourselves!

The rakia  is well featured by a fine selection in the same way like  Raketa and Sputnik.

I intend to visit Cosmos again very soon. It is a typical case of a fantastic place. If you decide to have dinner there, call to book a table in advance.

Last but not least, the captains of this cosmic gourmet travel are the pastry Chef Alex Ivanchev and Chef Georgy Boikovsky. You may know the latter from ex- Te Querro, Le Catterale or somewhere from Catalonia, where he explored Spanish cuisine. Congratulations to the owner of Cosmos too, who dared to make such unique place! These people are young, brave, ambitious, teaming a wonderful crew and I wish them great success. It is time a Michelin star to be born in Bulgarian Cosmos.

Address:  19, Lavele str., Sofia, Bulgaria

TTel. +359 888 200 700

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