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Gourmet @home- Part 2, food and alcohol delivery in Sofia

Cover image: Cocktails, alcohol delivery, from 5L Speakeasy Bar, Sofia

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I have already told you in my post Gourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria which favorite restaurants in Sofia and some cities in Bulgaria deliver food home. Now I continue with the list of shops and…. pay attention…. the bars that do the same.

Yes, several bars in Sofia have decided to do everything necessary to deliver their mixological carftwork to the fans.


Cocktails @home

List of bars in Sofia that make alcohol delivery @home, and more specifically- cocktails.

  1. One More Bar – still considering the option.
  2. 5L Speakeasy Bar in Sofia was the first to dare home delivery, but only in the center. They do it through foodpanda. Probably at farther addresses, the ice doesn’t hold up. Delivery 6:00 to 23:00.

However, they agreed to deliver to an address in the Southern Parts of Sofia. See the photos. Besides you can pay by card.


  1. EventBarman combined with Nicolas 0/360 Saturday brunch and delivered their cocktails through them. There is also a promotion.
  2. By The Way Sofia will deliver cocktails and salads to homes from April 9th.


Shopping @home

List of shops that make home delivery of alcohol and gourmet food in Sofia.

    1. If you need wine in eargency, especially after a TV news about covid pandemia, SeeWines Gallery delivers fast until 2pm from 6pm to 10pm, last order until 8:30 pm. Call the phone listed on their site and say it’s an express delivery. It costs 6.50lv.

  1. If you need to disinfect yourself internally, with grape or whatever brand, Rakia SHOP is the right place. They are experts and there is the best commercially produced rakia you can find in Bulgaria.
  2. Dar ot Bogovete in Sofia, which means Gift From Gods have home deliveries too but one can also taken his goods from the store.
  3. You can order exquisite Italian sausages and cheeses with delivery from Monday to Friday at GrandFoods, which store is in Paradise Center, Sofia. Minimum order is 50 lv and over 80 lv you get promotion.
  4. The meat boutique Vivenda also sells their selected meats online. Orders may be temporarily processed within 7 business days. Delivers nationwide.

If you know about other cool stores that take orders online or by phone and deliver home, you can share them in the comments here or on placescases.com on InstagramFacebookLinkedInTwitter.

Let us support our favorite places in these difficult times by simply continuing to enjoy their products so that they continue to be available after the crisis.

I order myself from the stores listed here, as well as the restaurants I listed inGourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria, one of a series of articles in the new @home blog rubric about all the favorite places and events that stay close to us during the Covid19 pandemic and restrictions. Follow my impression in the next posts there.

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