Отворен сандвич, гурме доставки на храна за вкъщи от Ahora, снимка от placescases.com

Gourmet @home- Part 6, fine dining food deliveries in Sofia, from Street Chefs and Ahora

Cover image: Open yeast bread sandwich, mix of spring forest mushrooms, asparagus, homemade ricotta, quail egg and vegetables, fine dining food deliveries from Ahora by Sevda Dimitrova, Sofia

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After posting a fairly comprehensive list of good restaurants that deliver food to an address, in a previous article Gourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria, I decided it was worth testing out how the delivery system works in Sofia and sharing my impressions.

In Gourmet @home – Part 5, food deliveries in Sofia, Bulgaria I described my impressions of Lazy Life & Food and La Terra.

As I’ve already explained in a previous post, each of the establishments I write about, deserves the maximum of 5 hearts from the 5D Sensograph, because of their courage to face the challenge of forced lockdown, but to find a way to stay close to their customers and indulge them with delicious food.

So, @home articles are a rating-free zone, which aims to promote and assist all restaurant entrepreneurs who cannot practice their business as usual and  maybe face difficulty maintaining it.

In this review, Gourmet @home- Part 6, gourmet food deliveries in Sofia, the stars who received maximum hearts are the restaurants Steet Chefs and Ahora by Sevda Dimitrova.

Street Chefs @home

5 Big Hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com

Max 5 hearts by the  5D Sensograph of placescases.com received the well known street food place with their gourmet burgers– Street Chefs and their joint service with Takeaway.

See ….

…. Branded packaging – cardboard boxes made specifically for carrying burgers and eating them directly. They are very convenient for heating disinfection;

…. In the platform of Takeaway, you can track the trip and ETA of your foodvery convenient.

 Hear ….

…. Well, I didn’t hear from anyone – I logged-in the Takeaway platform, ordered and then followed-up my order.

Feel ….

…. Super polite and adequate courier service;

…. The food was warm but not hot.

Smell ….

…. Rosemary in the French fries- traditional for Street Chefs recipe.

Taste ….

…. Classic Cheeseburger – we like it the most and we still order it. Next time I would add bacon.

Because of the street food concept of Street Chefs it was very easy to thermally desinfect and eat directly from the cardboard boxes.

The burgers were all as expected. Well it is more cool to have their street food at the caravan but this time will also come.

Thank you, Street Chefs, for your delicious gourmet street food deliveries to my home!


You can see their delivery menu here and take your food directly on spot or through Takeaway and Foodpanda.


Ahora by Sevda Dimitrova @home

5 Big Hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com

Another max 5 hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com went to the only vegetarian MasterChef, Sevda Dimitrova, for their gourmet brunch food deliveries.

See ….

…. Merry sunshine colors – yellow, white, green, red, lightly brown…

…. Very beautiful food it is a pity that some of the decoration of the Benedictine eggs stuck to the lid, but still they were remarkable with these edible violets on top;

…. The super fluffy banitsa (traditional pastry with cheese and eggs) named, “the same one” – it was great and we are willing to order from it again😊;

…. The open vegetable sandwich, homemade ricotta and morel mushrooms was most remarkable – like a small natural landscape. There was no meat in it, but it had a very rich taste. 

Hear ….

…. Pleasant and smiling female voice on the phone, when I ordered –as I already wrote, it is extremely important customers to be served on the phone with a smile, because it is captured audibly, not only visually. Taking my order from Ahora was one of the most enjoyable hearings with a restaurant on the phone, the conversation was casual, there was laughter and a sense of carefree happiness;

Later I found out that I had talked to Sevda herself. This is exactly the kind of smiling person I would like to prepare my food!

Feel ….

…. The courier girl had bright, lively and also smiling eyes over the mask.

Smell ….

…. It smelled very tasty;

…. I love morel mushroomsthey smell like spring in the forest and those in the sandwich were remarkable.

Taste ….

…. Extremely fine texture of Hollandaise sauce, with which Eggs Bene are traditionally topped;

…. Well-timed cooking – the yolk was liquid, as it should be;

…. The banitsa, named, “the same one” was wonderful and my children ate it all with great apetite;

…. The balotin for the St. George’s Day was exceptional! Super tender lamb stuffed with spinach and crispy almonds. No less wonderful was the risotto with morel mushrooms;

…. Glazed pork ribs, a little sweet, a little spicy- fantastic.

Sevda creates very tasty and beautiful food full of good mood and happiness!

Thank you, Ahora, for your delicious, beautiful and happy gourmet food deliveries to my home!


You can see Ahora delivery menu here.

Unfortunately, I cannot write about my impressions from restaurants outside Sofia, but I believe that the places listed at Gourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria are doing great job, because I personally tested them on the spot and did not come across this blog just by accident, rather were specially selected for it.

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