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Gourmet @home- Part 5, fine dining food deliveries in Sofia, from Lazy and La Terra

Cover image: Egg noodles with fresh vegetables, edamame, wakame (seaweed), sprouts and a supplement of raw marinated fillet with teriyaki sauce and coconut, fine dining food deliveries from Lazy Life & Food, Sofia

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After posting a fairly comprehensive list of good restaurants that deliver food to an address, in a previous article Gourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria, I decided it was worth testing out how the delivery system works in Sofia and sharing my impressions.

In Gourmet @home – Part 4, food deliveries in Sofia, Bulgaria I described my impressions of Miyabi and Cosmos.

As I’ve already explained in a previous post, each of the establishments described deserves the maximum of 5 hearts from the 5D Sensograph, because of their courage to face the challenge of depriving themselves of their customers, but to find a way to stay close to them and indulge them with delicious food.

So, @home articles are a rating-free zone, which aims to promote and assist all restaurant entrepreneurs who cannot practice their business as usual and  maybe face difficulty maintaining it.

In this review, Gourmet @home- Part 5, gourmet food deliveries in Sofia, the stars who received maximum hearts are the restaurants Lazy Life & Food and La Terra.

Lazy Life & Food @home

5 Big Hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com

Max 5 hearts by the  5D Sensograph of placescases.com were received by the well known restaurant near the Vitosha mountain gondola station, Simeonovo, in Sofia- Lazy Life &Food. There’s a a reorganization going on there. The site is under reconstruction, there is a change of the chef, also, a new and promising replenishment of chefs is expected soon, coming from the European gourmet arena, quite intriguing.

See ….

…. Many bright colors in our food – it enhanced the festive feeling of the weekend;

…. The pork was in a cardboard box, with partitions inside, so it ingredients do not mix. The box preserved the beautiful appearance.


 Hear ….

…. A very kind guy took the order over the phone and  answered my questions in detail.

Feel ….

…. The food is placed in a large styrofoam box to keep the produce warm;

…. I’ve  personally communicated by messenger with the manager, Tony Mateev, who, although had a day-off, also wanted to make sure that we were pleased with their service and thanked me personally for helping them survive at this difficult time;

…. An  pleasant and courteous young man brought the order;

…. There was a small incident while he was handing me the small boxes with food – one soup box was opened and it poured out its content into the big Styrofoam box. The courier offered to bring me new dishes, but I insisted on saving and keeping whatever was dry. The boy fired right back to bring me brand new two tripe soups. I made no comments at all, neither to the courier, nor to the restaurant, the boy was already very worried about the incident.

But more importantly, the error correction reaction was immediate, and we eventually received a rebate as compensation. The way the restaurant staff acted is a perfect example of the Experience Economy. You can read about this theory of Joseph Pine and James Gilmore in the publication: What is Experience Economy and where can you find best examples in Bulgaria?. Such kind of proceedings in case of failure distinguishes some establishments from others. Mistakes are human, but when you apologize and compensate in an acceptable way to the customer, makes her even more loyal. Fair treatment after mistakes motivates the client to share positive impressions and spread good advertising.

Smell ….

…. Because several things were Asian- style, there were many different flavors.

Taste ….

…. A great tripe soup – the garlic in vinegar and hot pepper traditionally accompanied  it;

…. Wonderful egg noodles with fresh vegetables, edamame, wakame and sprouts – we took them in both variants – with shrimp and raw marinated beef fillet, with teriyaki sauce and coconut.

…. Fried meatballs with teriyaki sauce, sesame and jasmine rice with fresh onions – aromatic and delicious;

…. Piperone pizza with calabro salami and fresh mozzarella – normally hot, wonderful!

Very nice menu, well organized in the boxes, extremely adequate service!

Thank you, Lazy, for your delicious gourmet food deliveries to my home and for being loyal to your customers!


You can see their delivery menu here.



La Terra Pizza @home

5 Big Hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com

Max 5 hearts by the  5D Sensograph of placescases.com received La Terra Pizza Team for their gourmet pizza home delivery. This is the kingdom of pizza, where rules the pizza master – Rado Kiryazov

See ….

…. Unconventional kind of pizza, the long rectangle cut into square pieces – so are the pizzas with romana dough, which tastes like focaccia, with large air spaces inside and crunchy. This pizza is served at the restaurant on a board supported by large cans of olive oil. So, everyone can eat from it. I had already this experience, just before the lockdown because of Covid-19.

…. The cardboard boxes, which are large and rectangular to accommodate the unconventionallooking pizza. They reminded me of a luxury pair of Italian boots box. 😊 😉

 Hear ….

…. They respond by phone to specific requests, such as to replace the prosciutto crudo with prosciutto cotto. For me it is of great importance because I have a specific problem with the crudo version. Due to the drying process, its aromas become too intense for my acute olfactory senses, which is in great relation with the problem I described in my post WHY PORK CHOPS CAN SMELL UNPLEASANT?

Feel ….

…. Pizzas always arrive warm to us. Perhaps this is why the restaurant supplies only to the surrounding neighbourhoods, to ensure the quality of the product at the point of delivery.

Smell ….

…. The pizzas are fragrant and tasty because of the good products used for them – they are certainly fresh, otherwise I would have felt, I have a sharp sense of smell, besides they are of good Italian quality;

Taste ….

…. I recommend шд carnivores to try Quatro Salumiso they will taste all kinds of meat, without salsiccia – there is mortadella, prosciutto cotto, spicy salami and prosciutto crudo;

…. The kids love the Margaritaand I like it a lot;

…. For vegetarians, I can also recommend Formaggiit just has to be warm when consumed, you can warm it up before that, like for disinfection 😊,

…. Be sure to try the dough romanait’s different from the well know thin one, like at Leo’ Pizzas, but it’s also delicious.

Now with La Terra arround we have  2 favourite places from which we order pizza for home. I will tell you about the other in a future post.

Thank you, La Terra, for your gourmet food deliveries to my home!


You can see La Terra delivery menu here. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any English version there but I suppose you can ask on the phone for assistance.

Unfortunately, I cannot write about my impressions from restaurants outside Sofia, but I believe that the places listed at Gourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria are doing great job, because I personally tested them on the spot and did not come across this blog just by accident, rather were specially selected for it.

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