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Kappa Restaurant- the different Greek cuisine in Kappa Resort, Kassandra, Halkidiki

Kappa Restaurant rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.2 out of 5.

July 2020


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Smelled      5 сърца от 5D Сензографа на placescases.com / 5 hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com

Tasted        3 Big Hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com    


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We visited Kappa restaurant because we were staying in a villa of the eponymous Kappa Resort, located on the first leg of Halkidiki – Kassandra. For the villas of Kappa read the special review Comfortable vacation in a villa with pool in Kappa Resort, Kassandra, Halkidiki.

Details on how to travel to Greece and what are the requirements in terms of Covid-19, see in the post Is it worth going on vacation in Greece during the Covid-19 pandemic?

About Kappa restaurant we knew that there is a different cuisine than those offered in Greek taverns. We were very curious to try the interestingly described dishes in the electronic application of the resort, which is recommended to be downloaded immediately upon arrival with a QR code,  because all needed information is inside. You will not find any brochures and hard copy informative papers in the villa, because the management model includes sustainable practices like  paperless service and an electric internal transportation. 

See ….

…. Great view from the terrace of the restaurant;

…. No menus – everything is read from a link over the phone, after scanning the QR code on the table;

…. Exceptional presentation of the dishes on the plates – colors, decoration, arrangement – flawless;

…. Unfortunately there was not enough light after sunset and we could not enjoy the beautiful dishes enough. It can be seen in the photos – blurred, dark, flash, lack of focus, it’s a shame.

Hear ….

…. At night it is very quiet and pleasant, only the song of crickets and cicadas, from time to time a seagull is heard.


Movie watching time: 1:14 min.

Smell ….

…. The aroma of the various purees that enriched and decorated the main product.

Feel ….

…. Romantic atmosphere, it is nice to sit on their terrace;

…. All safety rules against Covid-19 are followed – the staff is wearing helmets;

…. Problems with service in the restaurant. Our waitress was very kind and helpful, but she always confused something in the orders. We had to wait a long time for tsipourou, then came ouzo isntead, which we had not ordered, and then they brought tsipourou and a second beer, which no one had ordered;

…. On the beach you can order food and drinks, which are brought from the restaurant with an electric golf cart. Extremely pleasant and responsive service.

Taste ….

…. Fish, breaded chicken fillets from the children’s menu. There was no fresh fish for the day, but the one I was served was also good;

…. Sauces and purees as a side dish actually make the dishes different and enjoyable, but the main performance, unfortunately, was not at the expected level;

… A sous-vide octopus was no different from a well-cooked octopus in any Greek tavern;

… Great convenience is the availability of a children’s menu, because the prices are not low in the restaurant and the fact that there are tailored dishes and prices for kids is a good idea;

…. Our group complained a lot about the Greek salad because it was very sour, and I found my ceviche tasteless and needing of more flavoring and seasoning;

…. I do not recommend pizza. The children ordered Margheritta on the beach, which is also delivered from the restaurant. The menu stated that it was with homemade dough. Unfortunately, the pizza was mediocre and more like a semi-prepared product from the freezer – the cheese had an unpleasant smell, the dough was nothing special.

I wanted to give the restaurant another chance, but family and our friends objected because we really liked Giannikos Tavern, the pub in the neighboring village of Paliuri, and we preferred to have dinner there.

If you are staying  somewhere at the end of Kassandra, in Halkidiki, and you are feeling like trying a different cuisine based on Greek traditional dishes, in a pleasant atmosphere and a wonderful view, try the Kappa restaurant, but make a reservation beforehand.

How to get there?

Don’t worry about getting to Kappa Restaurant on Kassandra, Halkidiki. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

Tsagkari Pigadi, Paliouri 630 85, Гърция

A: Tagkari, Pigadi str., Kanistro, Paliouri, Halkidiki 63085

T: +30 2374 300713

E: info@kapparesort.com

If you need to rent a car, you can book it here in the box of the largest booking platform.

How to book your stay?

If you are already planning a vacation in Greece,  I recommend that you book your stay right hereFor your convenience, I have added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you. Just enter the dates of your trip, then hit the Search button and voila. In addition, booking.com are doing their best to make sure that your expectations as a customer are fulfilled. I’ve described an example about the latter in  my story about our stay in Shangri-La hotel in Singapore .


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