Рьомербад Römerbad

Römerbad – Austrian thermal baths in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Römerbad is a SPA complex with mineral water, 5 outdoor and indoor pools, 13 types of saunas, a massage center and is located in the small Austrian town suitable for ski vacations – Bad Kleinkirchheim.

The complex is large, in the traditions of Austria. It is located next to the first station of the Kaiserburgbahn cable car in the town. The ski facilities and the thermal baths are run by the same family and this leads to the convenience of having your ski pass valid for the ski facilities or the thermal baths. So, if the weather is bad or you don’t feel like skiing, you have also access to the family area of the thermal baths. There is an option to buy a ski pass combined with entrance to the thermal baths.

December 2023

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The water in the thermal baths is mineral and the temperature is 31-35 oC, which makes it very pleasant in the outdoor pool, even at low air temperatures.

The spa complex is divided into two main areas – a family area, with an outdoor and indoor pool, and a hot area, only for adults and children over 16, where there are saunas and there are also outdoor and indoor baths. An additional entrance fee is charged for the latter. There is information about the prices on the therme website, and they include options for a minimum stay of 3 hours, for more hours, as well as for the whole day.

If you want to book a body or face treatment, the massage area is accessible both from the sauna area and outside. So, if you have booked only a massage, you don’t need to pay for saunas.

Another important thing is visitors are not allowed in swimwear or underwear at the hot area with the saunas. They can carry only a towel. It is a matter of choice for the visitors whether they will enter the hot saunas tightly wrapped in the towel or feel comfortable to remove it and just sit on it.

You have options to rent a bathrobe and a towel, but you must bring your own flip flops. Swimwear is mandatory for the family area.

Before planning a visit to the hot zone, I recommend reading the two-part post What do you need to know about SPAs in Austria? – part 1 and part 2 to prepare in advance what to expect from Austrian spas.

See in Römerbad

… Sculptures, whimsical shapes in the family area: it adds playfulness and tempts children to climb on them.

… Playful lights in different segments of the pool.

… The interesting round shape on the outside of the saunas in the hot zone.

… Amazing views of the slopes and the mountain: the combination of being outside at 1-2oC, in hot water with 31-35 oC, and the wonderful view is a great experience! Some of the pools in the adult area have powerful jets that make the water bubble. This saturates the clean air with negative ions, which adds more wellness benefits.


Feel in Römerbad

… During the Christmas and New Year holidays it is always full of people: if you decided to go early when it opens at 10 a.m. so that there are not many people, you will be surprised that it is not so. The therme fills up early in the morning, especially if it’s vacation time, just like the ski slopes. It’s just that people like to spend time in the thermal baths and sometimes stay there all day. There are less people after 19:30 when everyone goes to dinner, there’s even a chance to get better seats for Aufgus ceremonies.

Aufgus is a special ritual in which a ceremonial master performs a program in a specific sauna for about 10-15 minutes.

I recommend that you try to attend such a ceremony, whether it is performed by a master or a guest. If it’s in a hot, amphitheater sauna, look for a seat on the bottom row and away from the coals, unless you really like super hot that lasts more than 15 minutes.

You can read more inWhat you need to know about spas in Austria? – part 2.

… The powerful bubbles of the jet tubs indoors and outdoors: it is good to keep in mind that there are no buttons to control the jets yourself and they do not bubble constantly. They turn on at certain intervals and you have to wait for it.

Рьомербад Romberbad

… A swirling current specially made in the pool, as well as other attractions: there is a circular part, with a chute around the whimsical shapes in the middle of the pool in the family zone, in which powerful jets swirl the water and you flow with the current. It’s a lot of fun and everyone wants to try it. There are also fountains and a powerful colorful waterfall in the artificial cave, under which you massage your shoulders and head.

… The burning gusts in the hottest saunas when liquid is poured over the coals or the Aufgus master waves the towel in your direction.

… Various experiences in the different saunas: each sauna has a name and there is a sign in front of it with information about it. Some are super hot, with heating up to 90-100oC, others are more moderate up to 50-60oC, some are dry with 0% moisture, others with 50%, the rest with 100%, i.e. steam baths. In some steam rooms, a fine mist with aromas is sprayed at certain intervals, in others it is not, but lights are lit in different color ranges. A third has infrared light and scents. Cold and hot pools, outdoors and indoorq with and without bubbles. Multiple relaxation areas and comfortable lounge chairs. Showers in front of each sauna, a place to hang towels as well as glasses so that the glasses’ coatings are not damaged by the heat.

… The massages and body treatments: I recommend them because the massage therapists are very good. The massage is detailed and even includes attention to the sinuses of the face, the lymph nodes of the neck and the head in general. I tried Pine Therapy. It included aromatic pine oils infused through pine chips which I  inhaled during the massage.

Hear in Römerbad

… Nice spa chill-out in most saunas: but not everywhere. We came across one with rock music, and during the massage, very strangely for me, some pop music was playing.

… The banter between the Aufgus master and his audience: unfortunately mostly in Austrian dialect, of which almost nothing is understood, even if you speak German. They rarely include Italian, and in English I never heard anything, even when I suggested that they provide explanation in it too. It wasn’t polite. And also, if you leave early from a ceremony, simply because it has become too warm for you, you may even hear comments behind you, again in the incomprehensible for foreigners Austrian dialect, and laughter. Also quite impolite.

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Smell in Römerbad

… Eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme: any herbs, depending on the sauna and the ceremony. Almost every steam room smells good.

… The aroma of coffee in the cream at some of the ceremonies: they give it to the visitors to put on your skin. It contains ground coffee, which also exfoliates, and the cream itself nourishes the skin.

Taste in Römerbad ...

… A big drawback is that there are no taps for drinking water: tap water is drinkable and available in every restaurant for free. Here you have to either drink from the tap in the toilet or buy bottled from the bar. Every spa in Bulgaria provides water, and in Asia they also offer sweetened lemongrass and ginger tea.

… Drinks and a variety of dishes at the bar and restaurant: very useful, especially if you are there for the whole day. Alcohol is also available, which I do not consider helpful with sitting at particularly high temperatures, it is even very dangerous, but it is clearly left to the customers’ sense and conscience. I didn’t see any warning signs about it, but I didn’t see people overdrinking either.

Despite the need to be in natural clothing, i.e. naked in the hot saunas, I recommend trying it, because it is very energizing, especially if you alternate them with cooling.

Intense heating and sweating clears toxins, boosts metabolism, melts pounds, improves blood circulation, reduces stress and improves sleep.

And the Römerbad thermal baths are truly a magical place offering a variety of experiences where you can relax, forget about stress and tension, and spend some time for yourself.

Лавандула на входа на Рьомербад/ Lavander at the entrance of Romerbad

How to get to Römerbad?

If you stayed at Das Landhaus Prägant, where we stayed, it’s even within walking distance.

Рьомербад Romerbad

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Dorfstraße 74, 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

T: +4342408282201

Opening hours: every day 10 -21

If you are interested in what Das Landhaus Prägant is all about, stay tuned for the next blog posts

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