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Last visit April 2015,  with friends

See: the impressive view to Alexander Nevski cathedral and the city center in correspondence to the simple but very stylish interior of the hotel and the restaurant

Smell: the exotic herbs in the fusion cuisine with Asian twist;

Taste: Tom Yum soup, Nicoise salad; if you can stand strong chilly taste, don’t miss the sea fruit with green curry; panna cotta; fried shrimps.

Experience: good courteous service of a well-trained waiting staff ; watching how your meal is prepared at the open kitchen

When we talk about Sense Hotel Rooftop Restaurant, we must definitely start with the amazing view that you will enjoy from its windows to the city center and especially to Alexander Nevski cathedral.

However, inevitably you will notice as well, the simple but very stylish interior of the hotel itself and the restaurant.

If you are there, you should not expect anything regular. No regular kitchen, no regular service, no regular dishes. It is a special place, to feel special, to dine special.

Don’t misunderstand me, you do not need tuxedo and black dress. Even in jeans you will feel special there.

First of all, when you call for a reservation you start to feel immediately the service of the well trained-staff, which treats every guest as an asset that must be pampered at every communication channel.

When you step in from the elevator you are immediately noticed, welcomed, attended with great care, guided to your table and comfortably ensconced.

The first time I visited the place, I chose a Tom Yum soup, a Caesar salad and sea fruit with green curry from the short but consistent carte.

Although the soup was offered only for lunch, they made an exception and prepared one for me. I was lucky since it was really a balm for my senses. The second time when I visited the place I recommended the soup to my friends and they praised it equally.

The Caesar salad was very crisp and tender, made from hearts of Romaine lettuce and with a well-balanced dressing, exactly the way I prefer it.

Well with the green curry it was like a love at first sight, in this case from the first bite, but soon after that the honeymoon was over and the time for hot waves, tears and snivel came on. It was hot exactly in the classic Asian style. I mean reeeaaaly hoooot! I was surprised that the waiter did not tell me exactly how hot should I expect it to be. It was like a strange love and suffer game with my green curry. After managing to eat 2/3 of my dish I gave up, to save my stomach. I felt that I had already achieved a pretty good detox and immune boosting experience in the most delicious manner.

For dessert I had a chocolate cake but it was not something so much impressive like my previous choices.

The next time I tried the panna cotta and it was a sharp shot. It was topped with banana and kumquat jam. Perfect!

I have to mention another interesting experience with regards to the service and care about guests. We had a table just in front of the elevator. Every time the elevator was opening, we felt a strong current and it was not very comfortable for us. We mentioned this to the staff.

The second time when I went to the place in 2-3 weeks time, the arrangement of the tables was changed and there was no more  danger for such a discomforting experience.

Definitely a unique case of a place- open kitchen, good service, delicious and unconventional meal, extremely beautiful view and a pleasant stylish interior at Sense Hotel Rooftop Restaurant.

I shall come back again!

Address: 16 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, 1000 Sofia

Phone:0700 20 670

Web address:  http://www.sensehotel.com/en/list.html


Sense Hotel Rooftop Restaurant Interior by Placescases.com

Open kitchen 3 at Sense Hotel Rooftop Restaurant by Placescases.com Open kitchen 2 at Sense Hotel Rooftop Restaurant by Placescases.com

Open kitchen 1 at Sense Hotel Rooftop Restaurant by Placescases.com

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