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Sezoni, a small restaurant with nice cuisine and service in Ovcha Kupel district in Sofia

Sezoni rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.4 out of 5.

January 2022

Seen              4 hearts rating 129x20

Felt               4 hearts and a half 2022

Heard            4 hearts rating 129x20 

Smelled        5 hearts rating 129x20     

Tasted           4 hearts and a half 2022 

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Recently opened, with a not very popular location for a restaurant in Ovcha Kupel, restaurant Sezoni (translation in English Seasons) attracted me with good posts on social networks and good photos of its pleasant interior.

 See ….

…. The interior is really nice, with small lights around artificial greenery on the ceiling, beautiful painting in medieval style, but with modern twist and 3D decorations on the walls, but the place is very small – they are set in a substation building between blocks in the neighborhood;

…. The exterior is also interesting – the whole substation is painted with graffiti depicting the 4 seasons commendable, very unusual and good idea, because for the summer they have provided outdoors seats and it is important that people enjoy what they see around;

…. The menu is not full of some gourmet and super impressive dishes, but there are things that promise to be delicious – Serbian, Bulgarian and a little Greek – Balkan cuisine in general;

…. An entire sheet is dedicated to Josper prepared meat menu;

…. Good rakia list – Bulgarian and Serbian brandies in abundance;

…. A small, not bad wine list, unfortunately the offers for a glass are only from the bag-in-box of Villa Justina and there are no 375 ml bottles

Feel ….

…. The smoking area is not preferable it is small, if there are more smokers it will be difficult to breathe, there is also a table stuck right next to the door and at each opening someone’s waist groans from the cold current;

…. The waiters try to please the customers, one of the guys  explains quite well the offers for the day, unlike his colleague, who did not tell us about them- obviously not everyone can offer. The service is at a pretty good level for a neighborhood restaurant;

…. Some things were delayed an idea more than it should, such as a glass of wine, but it was already in the middle of the evening, at 100% full tables.

A half heart is lost because of the feeling of tightness and the lack of opportunity to break the space and the creation of barriers to noise and space between people. I recommend visiting when there is an opportunity to sit outside.

Hear ….

…. I identified some music hits in the beginning before it was full, but I didn’t know if it was an online radio station or something else. Then there was mostly noise from the guests- the fact that the place is small had an impact on the background noise. The waiters had a hard time hearing us, and so did we. This is the reason why a heart falls out.

Movie watching time: 1:38 min.

Smell ….

…. The rakia list is worthy – There was Edna Rakia from on RakiaShop.eu, Serbian from Zaric and Huber – I chose apricot rakia from Zaric, with a super enchanting aroma, the others preferred Edna Rakia, also very nice;

…. Lightly garlic and dill from homemade chips with garlic and dill;

…. Padron peppers favorite flavor of roasted peppers – they offer them as it should be with sea salt on top – an idea a little oversalted, perhaps..

Taste ….

…. Lamb’s head was one of the most interesting dishes and it’s worth it if you like such things well-roasted, you add paprika to it, you just have to ask for it, and it’s a fantasy. It is served in a cast iron pan to keep the meat warm for a long time, because otherwise the lamb will be cold and not so tasty;

…. Good ushtiptsi (Serbian meat balls with yellow cheese), served on a Greek pita with finely chopped onions and peppers on the side;

…. Beef tongue – more unusual made with sauce and mushrooms, but still tasty;

…. Tomato salads were not very tasty because the winter season is not the best for this vegetable. If they are replaced by campari or cherry, they will be tastier, but also more expensive, so there is no way to improve the situation very much at this stage in this place. But it wouldn’t be bad if pickles were an option;

…. Again to praise the homemade chips – very tasty and crunchy, they serve it on paper, which further absorbs the fat and looks stylish with it!

This restaurant Sezoni is nice, but it will hardly attract me to go so far in the districts of Sofia for the second time. I am afraid that under the pressure of difficult conditions for their business they will spoil the kitchen and the service. I strongly hope that the citizens from Ovcha Kupel neighbouthood will appreciate the place and not complain that it is expensive, but appreciate it, visit it regularly and be happy to have it, because for a neighborhood restaurant, Sezoni is at a very high level!

How to get to restaurant Sezoni in Sofia?

Don’t worry about getting to Sezoni in Ovcha Kupel, Sofia. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

ул. Феникс, ж.к. Овча купел 2, между бл.32 и 33, Столична, София-град, 1632, България

A: ul. “Fenix” between block 32 and 33, Ovcha Kukpel, 1632 Sofia

T: +359883777757

Opening Hours: Mon- Sun 11:00-23:00 may vary due to pandemics

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