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The newest fine dining place in Sofia – Fake French

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Fake French Bistro opened on 04/02/2023, in the same place where the Bistrello restaurant used to be.

The day after the opening I was there. I didn’t know what to expect, especially taking into consideration that the team needs to get used to each other in action with customers, so I expected little omissions and delays. I’m not going to rate the place because I don’t think it’s fair for a spot that’s barely opened to do so. But I can confidently say that this is one of the best restaurants in Bulgaria.

It turned out that the team is in super shape, as if they have been working together for more than a month. Naturally they are gathering feedback from customers because they are still trying to understand their expectations.

The Chef of the restaurant is the well-known Vladimir Todorov, the same one who was at Bistrello and who runs my favorite street food place Sando Shop.

See Fake French ….

Looking at the menu, I guess where the name of the restaurant comes from –  that ideas and techniques from French cuisine are applied, but local products are used;

… On the walls you will see a French-speaking animated rooster, in various cool poses, explaining that the restaurant does not have ketchup or that good food deserves responsibility;

… Beautiful plating of the food.!!!

Feel Fake French ….

… I liked the service great customer care by the waiters, everything I asked was passed on to the chefs and I got an answer quickly. Any feedback I gave was carefully listened to and hopefully passed on to the kitchen;

… I think that it is quite safe to reduce the portions, because if one wants to go through 3 courses, in the end one feels terribly full;

… Well done for the quality wine list – great wines, at very good prices. It is evident that the desire is for the good food to be supported by a worthy wine corresponding to its quality!

Hear Fake French ….

… Pleasant music, hits from the 70s in modern chill style interpretations, diverse.

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Smell Fake French ….

… Straight from the amuse bouche at the beginning, I am impressed – a great aroma of herbs and melted butter from the served snails and a light citrus from lemon zest in the butter, accompanying the terribly tasty and fluffy homemade Brioche – super original!

… Roasted seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) in an Allard salad with cucumbers, romaine lettuce and espuma cheese. To me, the aroma of toasted seeds and nuts is always a very good idea.

Taste Fake French ….

The food is very tasty. The only recommendations I would give is to reduce some portions and to taste thoroughly the food, because in places I felt oversalting. One can easily have just a salad for dinner, which for some people is great, but for others who want to go through all 3 stages of a standard dinner, they will feel very full at the end, like we did.

…. Omurice Bourguignon- an interesting and delicious fusion combination of an omelette with rice according to a Japanese recipe, with furikake- a Japanese seasoning, and there were pulled beef cheeks in the omelette- the Burgundian thread in the whole thing. It’s very tasty, but it’s one of those dishes that can weigh you down if you’ve had a salad before.

…. If you’re a fan of offal, try the veal tongue, which has a smoked and caramel flavor – it’s not like the standard one served everywhere – it’s different and delicious. But because it’s drizzled with Chantilly sauce, it’s enough to eat on its own. Of course, it is good to combine with a good wine.

…. I really liked the trout in breadcrumbs, beurre blanc sauce, i.e. white butter, with tomato concase, i.e. ground and added to the sauce, hazelnuts and my favorite silicornia, which is a plant – crunchy stalks, with a natural saltiness.

…. For vegetarians, I recommend ratatouille – it is served with a slice of sourdough bread, which also does not give way to the other products and has its own important role.

…. For dessert, try a classic souffle – I’ve never seen it served anywhere in Sofia. At most places, a soufflé is a chocolate cake with a liquid center. Here, the soufflé is classic, the one made with a lots of egg whites, which rises in the oven during baking and must be eaten immediately, because otherwise it goes down quickly. I was very happy that such a dessert can now be tried in restaurants. It was difficult to fit it in our stomachs, because we had already had enough of the salads and the main course, but we did not regret it.

Well, this is first-hand about the newest establishment in Sofia – Fake French. If you decide to visit it, try to reserve a table, because on the second night of opening, it was already full, I imagine when it becomes more popular what it will be like.

How to get to Fake French?

ул. „княз Борис I“ 66, 1463 Old City Center, София, България

A: ul. “Knyaz Boris I” 66, 1463 Sofia Center, Sofia

T: + 359 895405555

Opening hours: 18:30- 23:00

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