Патладжанени рулца с орехов сос, Грузински ресторант Дадиани Georgian restaurant Dadiani

The newest Georgian restaurant in Sofia – Dadiani

Dadiani opened just before Christmas in 2023, and it can be said that it is brand new. It is named after the famous Georgiean royal family Dadiani.

The restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Manastirski Livadi, and if you want to immerse yourself in the Georgian atmosphere, try authentic Georgian cuisine, take tram 7 and go visit it.

February 2024

Rating for Dadiani by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.6 out of 5.

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         5 сърца 12920

         5 сърца 12920

          5 сърца 12920


Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

See interesting paintings on the walls.

Feel super slow service.

Hear Georgian folk music is fantastic!

Smell cilantro, fenugreek, walnuts.

Taste everything is delicious. I recommend trying a variety of things and as much as possible.

To learn more details about the exotic cuisine of Dadiani, keep reading the publication.

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Грузински ресторант Дадиани Georgian restaurant Dadiani
Georgian restaurant Dadiani- feef stew Harcho

See in Dadiani …

… The paintings on the walls: they depict Georgian folklore in an interesting style.

… The menu consists entirely of meals from Georgian cuisine: including wine from Georgia, which delighted me greatly.


Feel  in Dadiani

… Very slow service, but that’s the only downside, everything else is great: the people are very kind and friendly, but there is simply not very good organization, and they are not well-trained. They quickly take the order, but afterward, it’s challenging to get their attention for additional orders. Orders from the kitchen are slow to be served, and sometimes they forget some of them.


Hear in Dadiani

… The Georgian music: the polyphonic singing typical of Georgia’s folklore, is my favorite. It creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

Movie-watching time: 1:17 min.

Smell in Dadiani

… Coriander, walnuts in the sauces.

… Notes of dried plums and red fruits in Georgian wine.


Taste  in Dadiani

… Georgian wine: make sure to inquire about residual sugar content, i.e., whether it’s sweet or not, as there’s a risk the waitress might recommend one without knowing the details, and it turns out to be sweet. For example, Saperavi, Alazani, Vale, and Mukuzani are types of red wine that are not sweet. Kindzamarauli is sweet.

A not very well-known fact is that Georgia has discovered the oldest artifacts for wine production dating back to 6000 BCE, making it the oldest wine producer in the world. For comparison, Iran produces from 5000 BCE, Greece – 4500 BCE, Armenia – 4100 BCE, Sicily – 4000 BCE.

… Kubdari: it’s like a pastry filled with a mixture of veal and lamb, and its vegetarian version with Sulguni cheese is Khachapuri Imeruli. Both are incredibly tasty. A great appetizer for red wine!

… Blini:in Russian means pancakes, they are like rolled dough filled with meat

… Kharcho Mingrelian style: it’s a stew with veal, very tasty.

… Eggplant rolls with walnut sauce, pomegranate, and spicy spices.


Everything we ordered at Dadiani was very delicious, fresh, and nice. So, feel free to try!


How to get to Dadiani?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Manastirski Livadi, ul. “Pirin” 85, 1680 Sofia

T: +359 88 596 8888

Open hours: 11:00-23:30

How to book your stay?

I recommend that you check the packages that the hotel offers on their website because they are very affordable. But for your convenience, I have also put a box on booking.com. Compare the prices and choose an option.


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