Where can you go to a nice beach bar in Kassandra, Halkidiki?

July  2020

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This year, to our great joy, we planned and spent our summer vacation on the first leg of Halkidiki, Kassandra, at Kappa Resort. The resort has its own beach, but we toured other beaches with bars. In this post I have included a summary of them and answer once again the question I asked through the post Is it worth going on vacation in Greece during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Kappa Resort Beach

Being guests of Kappa Resort, for us, this beach was free of charge and super close – 2 minutes from the villas. I have no idea what the requirement is for use by other visitors.


See ….

…. It is not wide, but it is comfortably extended to the side to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between the sunbeds and tents.

…. Tents with canopies, as well as separate sunbeds, 2 per umbrella, covered with sass.

Feel ….

…. Quite coarse sand and pebbles;

…. Comfortable sunbeds with soft mattresses;

…. Very friendly and helpful staff who bring drinks and food from the resort’s restaurant with an electric golf cart. 

Hear ….

…. There is no music, you enjoy the sound of the waves and the scream of the seagulls.

Smell ….

…. We ordered Margarita pizza, which is prepared and brough from Kappa Restaurant– the yellow cheese on top smelled old and unpleasant.

Taste ….

…. We did not like the pizza – the dough in no way had the taste and aroma of freshly baked in the oven, as it was written in the menu. We brought nuts with us and did not resort much to the services of the hostesses.

I recommend the beach of Kappa Resort to the guests of the resort because it is super close, free for them and because of the good service. But if one is looking for good food, music and a beach bar, better to explore the other options below.


Achinos Beach Bar

It is close to Hanioti. You pay 25 euros for an umbrella with a two sunbeds, but you get two more poufs for the children for free. The requirement is to be placed in front of the deck chairs only if you are on the front line.

It was not difficult to take seats at the front, since at 11 o’clock am, the beach is still empty.

See ….

…. Relatively large space;

…. The sand is coarse and pebbled;

…. Soft and large towels provided by them with a Diesel design. 

Feel ….

…. Good service;

…. Very comfortable, sunbeds, with thick mattresses;

…. 1 liter of water and beach towels are included in the tax;

…. From 1 pm it starts to fill up with people, but I guess on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this happens earlier, and maybe you need a reservation.

Hear ….

…. Very nice music, modern arrangements of hits, new hits, etc. 

Smell ….

…. Very pleasant fruit aromas in the cocktails;

…. Wonderful Asian spices in Japanese dishes .

Taste ….

…. Very interesting menu with extremely good Asian inclusions;

…. Powk bowl – tempura, salomon, rice, wakame, avocado, cucumber, top with popping balls of black caviar – wonderful! It costs 18 euros;

…. Good club sandwich, but the potatoes – blanched and tasteless – 10 euros;

… Delicious, slightly creamy Caribbean Express cocktail, based on Bacardi, with pistachio ice cream.

Overall, I don’t think I would repeat this beach, because another beach bar has become our favorite, and there are others to test on the sleeve.

The beach at Achinos Beach Bar is the most expensive beach we have visited. I recommend it to people who are looking for more oppulense, want to smoke a hookah, consume quality drinks, have a party atmosphere with loud music and eat quality food on the beach.

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Elephant Beach Bar


It is close to Pefkochori. You don’t pay a fee, you just have to consume. To be at the forefront, there is a requirement for an adult order for over 20 euros, which is not difficult.

See ….

…. Very cool tiki design – stylized elephant is the emblem, original inscription, the cups are branded, at the entrance from the parking is an originally decorated old car with Paradise inscription and a surfboard where everyone wants to be photographed, statues of elephants, graffiti on the walls, flowers, huge colorful pillows;

…. Large parking lot by the beach, which is empty during the week until noon, but I guess it fills up on the weekends;

…. Many places for original selfies for social networks – in addition to the car in front, a mirror with graffiti around it, graffiti wings in front of the toilet, a graffiti of shark that eats watermelon, small booths and places to relax with flowers, graffiti of fish mark the way to the bar and the  beach .

Feel ….

…. The requirement for distance between the sunbeds is observed;

…. Option to put your pouf under the reeds in a natural colorful shade, if you are at the front end;

…. Good service, but when there are many people on the beach, it is difficult to catch a waiter to order;

…. Exotic, youthful and party atmosphere.

Hear ….

…. Super cool music – Caribbean and other.

Smell ….

…. Fresh aromas of Wild Child cocktail, based on gin and mastic, with cucumber and ginger;

…. The sweet notes of the Spicy Mango cocktail, with pineapple vodka, spicy mango, lime, decorated with maraschino cherry.

Taste ….

…. The burgers and club sandwich were delicious, except for the potatoes;

…. Kisses in the Car cocktail, based on vodka and Aperol, is a slightly spicy, salty-sour decoration of tajini on the edge, which makes it lovely.

I recommend the beach of Elephant Beach Bar to everyone who likes graffiti, tiki design and cocktails, youthful atmosphere, smiling and playful waiters, Latin music, interesting relax corners in the shade and fans of selfies with cool background, because there are quite nice places to pose.


I can’t say much about the beach near Kappa Resort with a beach bar, Navagos, because we just walked along it and didn’t stay. It’s smaller than the Achinos and Elephant bars, but it has great music and cocktails. The  sunbeds do not have mattresses, but I suppose it is much cheaper then the rest described here. There were more people. I have seen an advertisement that they also organize events.

We tried to go to Cabana, but it turned out that we need a reservation for Saturday and we could not try it. It looks posh. A host and hostess, all in white, the lady with serious make-up, despite the heat of 30 degrees and the bright sun, check the reservations of those coming at the entrance and check in. There is a loud dynamic music, the fleet in front is remarkable in terms of brands and classes, the advertisements of sponsors are all of quality brands.

In general, each of the places listed here contributed to our great time in Greece, but we still set our favorites.

So, number one for us, of all those listed, was Elephant Beach Bar. We gladly visited it twice. It had the coolest atmosphere, friendly service and great cocktails.

Our beach on Kappa was the calmest and closest to us. So, he also won two visits. In Achinos the food was the most delicious.

How to get to all these places?

For your convenience, I note all the beaches listed above on the Google map here. By clicking on the red pin of any of them and choosing directions, you will be able to reach it:

Paliouri 630 85, Гърция

Navagos Beach Bar, Paliouri 630 85, Гърция

Peufkohori,, Pallini 630 85, Гърция

Chaniotis 630 85, Гърция

Tsagkari Pigadi, Paliouri 630 85, Гърция


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How to book your stay in Halkidiki?

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