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A guide to Prague with DOs and DON’Ts Czech Republic

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Golden Prague is splendid! A capital that appreciates art, the old and the new, it is both old and young, there is a lot to see and to try with all your senses.

Here is my small list, a practical guid of DOs&DON’Ts or do’s and don’ts there.


  1. Buy a ticket to a concert in one of the magnificent Catholic churches downtown. It’s very easy, there is advertising and information all around them and at hotel receptions. Why in church? Because the concert always includes an organ and the acoustics are magical. What better place and way to hear Mozart’s Requiem or Bach’s Toccata and Fugue!

I really wish Bulgaria would be such a tourist destination and there would be concerts every day for visitors, because we have exceptional musicians, whose skill can be admired by more people.

Here are some options for churches with a concert:

  • The Church of St. Nicholas or as it is called here Kostel sv Mikulase in Staro Mesto in the center. See excerpts from the concert there in the video.
  • The Church of St.Salvator in Klementinum
  1. Try different types of beer, if you drink alcohol, of course. The most common type here is pilsner, try it boldly, it won’t surprise you with anything unpleasant.

A very fun place where you can drink good beer and eat decent food, but most of all have fun with the unusual service is Vytopna!

  1. If you’re with kids, take them to Hamleys.

Hamleys is a British brand of toy stores. They offer not just toys, but a complete in-store experience. You don’t just buy toys, the kids play, slide down a winding slide from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, enter a mirror maze and laugh as they try to find the exit. Then you take pictures.

  1. If you like cats or your children like animals, take them to a cat cafe – Kavarna Kocici. However, tell them to be careful around cats. You have to approach them with patience and affection, and then they will gratefully let you pet them.

  1. Buy CBD cosmetics. The product contains only CBD, i.e. the beneficial ingredient. The TSH is eliminated and there is no chance of getting “high”.
  1. Try a Trdelník, also named Here they are on every corner and you can get one very fast.
  2. If you feel like eating authentic Czech cuisine, visit the Kozlovna Apropos It is located in the center, near Vltava.
  1. See the Banksy exhibition – The World of Banksy. The film will give you an idea, but it is far from exhausting the interesting exhibits.
  1. Once you are in Prague, you must visit the Hradcany Palace. It is located on a hill and from there you can take wonderful pictures of Prague and the Vltava River. You can buy tickets in advance. Quite a long wait in line to get in.
  1. Another good place to take photos from above and capture the sunset is Oblaca Restaurant in the Prague TV Tower – Zizkov Television Tower. Oblaca is a gourmet restaurant at the top of the tower. I have tried the catering, which is excellent. And the wine list is very decent. So why not welcome the sunset in style, with a glass of sparkling wine in hand.

  1. If you are a whiskey lover or you like gourmet, you can visit W Restaurant.
  1. At the very heart of Prague is the Astronomical Clock. Apart from the fact that you can watch every round hour how the saints are lined up, you can also enter the building where cultural and historical artifacts are displayed. The top of the tower makes for great photos, and you can also see the dolls of the saints from the inside, waiting for the round hour to come to perform their little show. You should know though, that there are a lot of people gathering to watch it. Ff you want to have a good view, you have to take a position early or just sit at a nearby restaurant, drink beer and when it’s time to turn on your camera.
  1. While you are in the center and if you are an art lover, it is very convenient to visit the central gallery, where there is an exhibition of Alphonse Mucha, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Get some impression from the movie about it.
  1. Eat candies from the many colorful shops in the center. There’s one that’s designed like it’s from the Indiana Jones movies. It’s called Candy Miners.


  1. See Franz Kafka’s metal spinning head. You can also visit his museum. There is also an interesting sculpture in front of it – a large hand in which a reading person is sitting, as if in an armchair, reading a book. Another statue in the center of Prague dedicated to Kafka is a man riding a suit.



  1. Walk through the small streets in the center. Buy souvenirs from the artisan shops, and while strolling around you can come across interesting finds, like the strange sculptors from the movie.


  1. If you are a cocktail lover, one of the best places is L’Fleur bar. The bartenders are awards winners, they are very responsive and can give you valuable advice and guidance. Part of the following list of DON’Ts I learned from them.

If you haven’t chosen where to stay, I can recommend, like where we were: Boutique Hotel Seven Days.


  1. Don’t agree to pay in EURO with your credit card. When you pay by card and you are asked in what currency to charge your account, always choose Czech crowns. If you choose euros, the amount is converted twice and you lose from exchange rate differences.
  1. Don’t order taxi by chance. Ask which are the good taxi companies, download an app for them and only order taxis from them, because there are “scams” there too.
  1. Don’t buy from souvenir shops without checking up the prices and the bill you are charged. In souvenir shops, always ask for prices, do the math in your head and be careful what they charge you, especially if the merchant is of Chinese origin. I know it sounds discriminatory, but twice, in different stores, exactly such merchants tried to cheat us – first by overcharging us with 100 euros when paying by card, the second time by pushing me half-empty boxes of CBD cosmetics. Good thing I thought to open them to see what was inside.
  1. Pay the bills in restaurants before checking them firs. When you pay the bill in a restaurant, check the entire list, whether everything is correctly charged. At the Ungelt restaurant they tried to charge us for 2 bottles of wine instead of 2 glasses of wine. This would add 100 euros to the account.

This is my list for a good time in Prague. I have attached photos and videos, so if you have a trip coming up, you can prepare, but always leave room for surprises to make your stay more fun.

How to find all the mentioned above places?

Don’t worry about getting there. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of the place’s location and then select directions:

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