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Coupon in Kapana Plovdiv is like a culinary show

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January  2023

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I now have a new favorite place in Kapana in Plovdiv – Coupon. They define themselves as a street food place, but it’s really a fine dining experience. Why I think so, read on.

 See ….

…. Street art on the walls, in unison with the street food;

…. Hipster interior, small space, but maximally oriented towards coziness and at the same time inviting to enter and see what is inside;

…. Small pop-art stylized sculptures of colorful doves and Easter Island stones on the tables;

…. An extremely remarkable way of serving the food – trays tailored to the dish:

… glass trays for the gyoza,

… large boards for the sausages,

… pumpkin cream in a tube like a tempera paint, as if an artist painted with ocher,

… miniature cans for the dips,

… cans of the famous Campbell Soup, made legendary by Andy Warhol, for the napkins and cutlery.


The food is beautifully arranged, each thing has enough space to swagger with its appeal.


… A well-chosen wine list, from which there is also a great choice by the glass. In fact, the supplier is La Bottega in Sofia, and there is no mistake there.

Feel ….

…. In fact, some of the dishes have an interactive element, which adds extra playfulness and s a new level in our experiences:

… you inject the raspberry cake with raspberry juice


… you pour coffee over your dessert.

…. The service is perfect young people who are happy to talk about their work and the food they create, smiling, fast responding, exceptional. They thanked us from the bottom of their hearts for praising the food and the place.

But in fact the pleasure was all ours!

Hear ….

…. Great music – modern jazz and soul, matching the interior.

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Smell ….

… Aged charcuterie, with remarkable flavors and aromas, due to the marinating before drying, as well as the special additives with which they are combined when served;

…. Berries, coffee and chocolate in Critera Primitivo from Schola Sarmenti, peaches and apple in Grillo Vitese;

…. Raspberries in the raspberry cake, of course;

… Coffee and pumpkin in Tiramisu dessert.

Taste ….

….. Be sure to get a board with charcuterie the pastrami is marinated with orange, honey and pepperoncini, truffle, cranberries and cognac is added to it in the butter;

…. Vegetarians and vegans are also catered for. We tried Zucchini Mousse with Sesame Tahini, Katak, White Truffle, Pistachio, Cherry Tomatoes, Cheese, Tajaska Olives and a very crispy Tortilla so you can eat this thing straight up, without a fork;

Katak is a typical sour-salty Bulgarian delicacy made of sheep milk.

…. Wonderful gyoza very tender, very lightly baked on a plate, enough to have a slight crunch, but without becoming tough. There are all kinds of variations – with seafood, with beef, with vegetables;

… Ordinary Bulgarian dish as kebapcheta here are extraordinary juicy and with a crispy crust. The meat is from Iberico pig, they came with a very nice pickle, caramelized peppers, jalapeño slices and wonderful fries.

Kebabchta is a local dish with an oblong shape, made of minced meat,  usually pork but also beef can be added.

… Be sure to leave space in your stomach for dessert in addition to the mascarpone cream cake, which we injected with raspberry puree, we tried a version of Tiramisu, inspired by Massimo Bottura’s famous dessert of the same name – pumpkin cream, rachel, mascarpone, crusts, coffee.

The Bulgarian Rachel is made of pumpkin using the method of nixtamalization, which means that the product is processed through strong alkaline solution, usually limewater.

Coupon Street Food Art has become one of my favorite places and I will certainly visit it every time I come to Plovdiv.

How to get to restaurant Coupon in Plovdiv?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

ул. Христо Дюкмеджиев 25, Капана, Централен, Пловдив, 4000, България

A: ul. “Hristo Dyukmedzhiev” 25, 4000 Kapana, Plovdiv

T: +359896623210

Opening Hours: Mon- Sun 10:00-23:00

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