Georgalas Rest Apartments – a comfortable and pleasant place, with a nice beach, Nea Kalikratia, Greece

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Jule 2023

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I had no expectations for Georgalas. It was just recommended to us.

Apart from the incredible heat that greeted us as soon as we got out of the car, the other thing that impressed me was the proximity to the beach, and immediately afterwards the polite welcome at the reception.

Then it turned out that our apartments are not on the first line, but after a short walk, circa 400 meters, with inclination. In the heat it is an adventure, but then we realized that the distance does not bother us at all and that it is taken very quickly. And a little effort to burn off the calories from the ouzo and good Greek wine didn’t bother us.

The other thing that impressed me was that there were not many foreign tourists. Most were Greeks. This makes me think that they know it as a good place with reasonable prices, and foreigners have not yet caught on to it.

The restaurant of the same name next to the hotel is very good. Read more in the post about it.

See Georgalas

… As is typical for Greek hotels, a nice terrace overlooking the sea. We had 2 more terraces, but without chairs and tables.

… The 2 bedroom apartments are comfortable, unfortunately with only one bathroom – 2 bedrooms, a living room with a sofa bed, which is equipped with an extra set of sheets and towels for any occasion, a kitchenette equipped with a large refrigerator, stove, hotplates, a kettle for boiling water, and for our most -big regret as a family of 4- only 1 bathroom but this is a solvable problem with a little more organization. The TVs have Netflix, so if you have an account, you can watch while you wait for the bathroom to vacate, in case it’s too hot out on the terrace.

Feel in Georgalas …

… The prices for the stay, as well as those at the Georgalas restaurant, are extremely reasonable. There are none of the crazy overcharges you can see in Halkidiki. Here you can order fish for EUR 50 per kg, while on the legs it is usually over EUR 70.

… Very good service. It turned out that the reception guys sometimes help in the restaurant and for the comfort of the guests in the hotel, everything. There wasn’t a question or problem they didn’t address in a flash.

For example, at our place someone had forgotten an open window while the air conditioner was running. As a result it froze and started leaking. I asked the front desk people for assistance, they immediately responded and fixed things. They even left a fan in the room in case the damage was permanent.

… Well equipped kitchen but missing some thins. What we were missing were wine glasses, a little more glasses in general, a frappe mixer and a bigger knife- for cutting, cooking, etc.

We got a frappe mixer and disposable cups from Masoutis supermarket. There are 2 in the town, but the one on the ring road is bigger and you can stop comfortably on it. A tip for shoppers – there is a parking area, both front and back, and cash registers at both entrances/exits.

We are big fans of this chain, they are very well stocked and with quality stuff. We even have a card for discounts and promotions.

… You walk to the beach for at least 400 m with an inclination. I do not recommend people with heart problems to choose this option to stay in the hot months, rather look for a room on the first line, i.e. book as early as possible. There is also a path through the forest that takes you a bit away from the hotel beach and is a nice option. It is a little steeper, but it is a quick walk.

… Nice beach, with umbrellas and sunbeds with mattresses in 3 rows, most importantly, no extra charge – you just have to order anything from the waiters from time to time, which is inevitable in the heat. It doesn’t get crowded, but on the weekend I recommend going before 10 a.m., otherwise there are no vacancies. Several guys and girls serve the guests, the menu offers a wide variety of drinks, cocktails, beer that arrives in a branded bucket with ice, food that is nice because it comes from Georgalas restaurant.

A tip, as there is a narrow strip of pebbles at the beginning when entering the water, if anyone has a problem with this, take shoes for a rocky beach. Otherwise, the water is shallow at least 50-60 m.

We decided to go to another beach bar, first trying the famous Sahara, which is the largest South from Thessaloniki towards Halkidiki. But we didn’t like it there at all. To be on the first line you are forced to pay for a cabana which is 300 euros without enough shade. There are sunbeds for the second line, but with a minimum consumption per person of 30 euros, and at the same time it did not offer as much comfort and extras as we have seen at other beach bars along Kassandra. You can read more about them in Where can you go to a nice beach bar in Kassandra, Halkidiki?

We ended up in Punta Cana, 3-4 km away, and we really liked it there. The sunbeds are in 4 rows and most of them have very thick mattresses. The music is good, the food is decent, the drinks too.

Of all the options we tried, we liked our beach the best, despite the pebbles at the beginning of the water.

Hear in Georgalas …

… The rooms are quiet, you can’t even hear the sea because they are far from the coast. Also, although there is a table and chairs in the courtyard, they are below the main building, where an open, comfortable space for gatherings is formed – the noise does not spread upwards, because the building is a sound insulator.

… Because there are a lot of trees around, you can occasionally hear the call of a nocturnal bird, but this only adds to the charm of the place.

… In the hotel restaurant, the music is nice – Greek, but not folk, calm, for the soul.

… On the beach, music is played only on Saturdays, without being loud and intrusive, unlike the beach bars further down the strip. You can get a portable speaker if you want to have music around you.

Definitely, if it comes to people looking for tranquillity, I recommend the beach of Georgalas. But if you’re more into a round-the-clock party, on Saturdays and Sundays at the nearby beach bars there is loud music, quite well selected and a large bunch of party people.

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Smell in Georgalas …

… On the way to the beach, one passes by coniferous vegetation, which smells good when the summer sun heats it;

… Fragrant cocktails are served on the beach, based on granita/skrezhina. You both cool down and it tastes good;

… In the morning it smells like frappe and vanilla ice cream from Frape Ice Cream, which you order on the beach.

Taste in Georgalas …

… The food in the restaurant is great – at quite decent prices, but read more about it in a specially dedicated post, because the restaurant deserves it.

… The wine list is also well selected – you can order a wine from EUR 18 to 70, and the one from 18 is not inferior to the others, it’s just from a smaller and unknown cellar.

Very close to the apartments there is another restaurant, which I saw had a good rating, but we didn’t have time to visit it.

We have not buy the hotel breakfast, which is again served at the Georgalas restaurant, although it is very reasonably priced at €9 per person and were informed that it was good. However, we decided that we did not want to keep hours and schedules, so we refused it. We bought many delicious cheeses and sausages from Masoutis, which I have already mentioned.

… I recommend to buy locumades from the passing vendors on the beach.

Lokumades is something like a donut, it is sold in two versions – with chocolate inside and only sprinkled with sugar on top, which is called Sketo.

Great taste, a type of guilty pleasure, because it’s very high in calories, but why not, on your summer break- have one and take a sugar-free frappe with it, to balance the taste.

I really liked my vacation in Georgalas. I recommend the place!

I came across this place thanks to a friend of mine who has been advising me on my travels in Greece since the drachma was a means of payment. She showed me what to try in Greek cuisine, where the nice places to stay were, taught me some Greek words, and on this trip suggested I try lokoumades. Thank you Dear for the invaluable guidance

How to get to Georgalas?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Georgalas Rest Apartments, апартаментите на ок 400 м от плажа: Ioanni Karamanou 168A Geoponika, Nea, Nea Kallikratia 630 80, Greece

Georgalas Sun Beach Resort, който е на първа линия: Geoponika Beach, Nea Kallikratia 630 80, Greece

T: +302399035001

Check-In: 15:00 Check-out: 11:00

How to book your stay?

You can book your stay right hereFor your convenience, I have added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you and I will get a modest commission. Just enter the dates of your trip, the place, then hit the Search button and voila.


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