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June 2018


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Bali Island in Indonesia attracts not only tourists, but also people who want to permanently accommodate there and to refuel with peaceful energy. Is it because the volcanoes constantly remind that the man is not eternal and is not greater than the earth, whether because they are simply Hindus, the people here are very humble, believers, polite, smiling, good and honest. This, as well as the beautiful scenery, have caused many Europeans and Americans to choose Bali as a place of residence.

We spent two unforgettable weeks on the island. While exploring Ubud surroundings in the central part of the island, we stayed at Ubud Raya Resort, for which you can read my article STAY IN JUNGLE PARADISE UBUD RAYA RESORT, BALI, INDONESIA.

Locavore To Go is a very nice burger restaurant and Butcher’s of Dutchman and a Balinese. It is immediately clear that the European has a hand in this work, because beef burgers and pork meat are not part of the traditional diet of Hindus, as are most of the Balinese.


See ….

…. A little place, it’s “to go” place, the idea is to grab the sandwich and run, but if you love it like it was with us and you decide to stay, you won’t regret it;

…. The style looks very European, urban modern and at the same time is mixed with typical Balinese motifs such as bamboo and a bouquet of local exotic flowers even in the toilet;

…. The restaurant may be for burgers for road, but its kitchen is open, and you can see how the chefs work;

…. The glasses with drinks are served on a saucer and a leaf pad-another reminder of the blissful nature of Bali;

…. Juices are decorated with green blade of lemongrass and green petals- style in everything;

…. A little menu, but with very interesting things, on the back are the meats that a person can buy from the butcher shop named Local Parts;

…. Lots of cool wooden planks and pads on which burgers are served.



Feel ….

…. Very pleasant friendly service;

…. Crispy Chicken Burger;

…. The tender consistency of the chocolate mousse, which contrasts with the crushed top cookie;

…. Crispy fries- fabulous, it is obligatory for a burger shop to offer crispy, quality made potatoes and here are just such!


Hear ….

…. European and American music, variations of old and modern blockbusters that sound cool.

Smell ….

…. Paprika, very elegantly added, without imposing in the fries- a unique fragrance!

…. The perfume of mango and passion fruit in the juice;

…. Caramel in the crispy crust of brulee cream, which is just classic- it was great!


 Taste ….

…. All the burgers and sandwiches that were tried by our company were copiously commended- a sandwich with ciabatta and ham, a burger with crispy chicken, Korean burger from the menu for the day;

…. Remarkable and very different from all the sandwiches that I have tried, a hot dog with spicy shrimp sausage- unique, topped with spicy mayonnaise, and the bread was Broche, lightly sweet- wooowww!;

…. Finally, you can have a classic espresso with a chocolate mousse or crème brulee, and you can have a sorbet of the day.

…. Coconut sorbet– an idea sour, very fragrant.

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You’re going to say, when you’re in Bali, why don’t you go to local venues, feel the local culture, cuisine, manners. I go there, but this place, Locavore To Go, is so cute you can’t just walk in. You just want to see what it’s like, and you get to sit in it.

As you can guess from the name, Locavore keeps the local products and strives for sustainable practices. The mission of the owners is to search for traditional recipes, to return them to new life, to try out combinations of local products and the most modern culinary practices. In one of their restaurants Nusantra,is served  local cuisine. In Locavore you will taste  gourmet, which successfully meets the East and West. Locavore To Go is dedicated to sandwiches and burgers.

Who is behind this interesting concept? The Dutchman Eelke Plasmejer, who cooks since he was 14 years old and has developed his skills at Michelin restaurants in Europe, the Indonesian from Sumatra- Ray Adriansiyah, who has studied at a business school in New Zealand, but has carried away in cooking. An important member of the team is born in Ubud Adi Karmayasa, who runs the restaurants. These people are such enthusiasts that they have created Localab, an experimental laboratory dedicated entirely to work with local products of the highest quality, developing new recipes and taste combinations, training young chefs in creating healthy food. Besides the restaurants, there is also a bar to this plethora of interesting establishments, whose cocktails I would very much like to try some day.

I can’t help but mention the kings in the kitchen of Locavore To GoKasida, Murdita and Wayan. Bravo guys, awesome gourmet burgers you make!

How to book your stay on Bali?

If your already planning your stay in Ubud, I recommend the villas where we were accommodated- Ubud Raya Resort.


How to get to Bali and Locavore To Go?

Check-up for promotions of Qatar Airways with the QR code below. This is how we booked our tickets at very affordable prices.


Once on the island, to get to Locavore To Go, use the placescases.com and Google Maps Guide by clicking on the red pin on the map and then choosing directions:

Jalan Dewisita, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Индонезия

A: Ubud, Bali, 10 Jalan Dewi Sita

T: + 62 (0361) 9080757

You can easily make a reservation for Locavore, which is the gourmet restaurant and is just down the street from Locavore To Go, however for 2 weeks upfront there are no seats.

Open hours: Monday-Sunday 8:30-19:00

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