Kelari Greek restaurant in Sofia, photo by placescases.com

Kelari, a Greek restaurant in Dragalevtsi, Sofia, which does not impress.

Kelari, Sofia score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 3.6 out of 5.

April 2019


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Kelari in Dragalevci, Sofia was much recommended to me as a good Greek restaurant with a garden. So one Sunday early afternoon, we decided on the move to have lunch there with my family.

See ….

…. A full parking, we barely found a place to park— apparently many people choose the restaurant for a sunny Sunday lunch. The same thing was confirmed as we entered inside. In the garden there was no free table, inside we succeeded to find one;

…. A small green loan with a bench made of woodcarving, an imitation of a well with flowers, very sweet and comfortable for little children to run around, but lacked a climbing playground and swings, which could be the best option for kids;

…. Besides the loan, nothing else is impressive in the exterior and interior.

One heart fell out because of the lack of style in the interior and poor utilization of the yard.

Feel ….

…. Noisy, many groups, many families with children, a serious Greek presence;

…. When we entered the yard and looked for a table outside, no one welcomed us. We had to go inside and find someone to settle us. Finally, after looking around for quite some time a man appeared from somewhere and showed us a free table. He didn’t bother to check if a table would soon be released outside as per our wish;

…. When I was trying to order extra bread, one of the waiters looked at me above his shoulder and informed me, with an eye of reproach, saying “Ask your waiter“, nodding his head that he would pass on to his colleague. As a matter of fact, he had passed my order;

…. The food was served very slow – apparently at a full restaurant, the kitchen could not cope in a timely manner. The children asked a few times when the food would come, and this also the same with the bread. Unlike the regular restaurants in Greece, here they don’t bring the bread from the very beginning but wait for you to order and it is on your bill;

…. They didn’t give us cloth napkins, even though there were on a table next to ours. We ordered paper ones because our table ran out, but they didn’t bring us. I took some from the neighbors;

…. If you’re accustomed to compliments at the end of the meal in the form of dessert, here you have to forget about these goodies. As no bread was brought to us in the beginning, they never brought us dessert from the house. I ordered one to try them and we paid.

Hear ….

…. Greek music, quiet, pleasant, but was suppressed by people’s noise.

Smell ….

…. I didn’t feel any distinctive flavors, but the standard oregano in the Greek salad was felt;

…. Aroma of orange in dessert orange pita.

There was nothing impressive in the fragrances. I would say that food has no character.


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Taste ….

…. The Greek pita bread, was a convenience food that was just warmed up in a microwave. As a result, it came soft and formless on the table, not crispy, as it should be;

…. The shrimp sauce both of saganaki and the regular shrimps with butter was thickened with flour, did not impress me;

…. The Tzatziki salad was super-salty;

…. The vegetables in the Greek salad were tasteless, except for the red onions and the pickled chilly peppers;

…. The octopus was ok and it was a good portion;

…. For dessert I tried orange pita, which is served with a ball of vanilla ice cream. The latter didn’t smell like vanilla, had no rich taste and wasn’t sweet at all. The orange pita had a rather bizarre texture-a combination of dough and noodles, with orange crusts on top, poured with syrup. I only liked the aroma of orange;

…. I ordered a short espresso, it was exactly as it should be, which is difficult to make in many places in Sofia.

Unfortunately the food in Kelari was not delicious as expected and did not come close to what we are accustomed to in other Greek restaurants!

Mediocre presentation, but a solid account- EUR 100 for two adults and two children, we ate only 2 salads, 3 starters, 1 Main, 1 dessert, water, 2 juice, bread, and the alcohol was a small beer and a little ouzo-it somehow does not sound normal, but the price is also determined by the demand. The restaurant seems to be popular, so there is crowd willing to eat there, hence the delay in serving the orders. I think you won’t read anything more about this restaurant by me.

How to get to Kelari in Sofia?

If, however, you decide to visit Kelari in Sofia, you can navigate to it using the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

бул. „Черни връх“ 226 1415, 1415 кв. Драгалевци, София, България

A: 225 Cherni Vrah blvd, Sofia

T: +359 87 622 6226

Open hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-24:00

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