La P'tite Brasserie, photo by placescases.com

Late meal in La P’tite Brasserie, Bordeaux,France

La P’tite Brasserie rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.4 out of 5.

April  2022

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For Friday and Saturday in Bordeaux, and all over the world it is necessary to make a reservation for dinner in advance. Because our goup did not pay attention to my proposal to book the day before in a place that I was convinced we would all like, we had no organized dinner and had to randomly search by phone at the last minute. On all calls to restaurants around our guest house Maison de Manege, we received a negative answer, and the closing time was approaching – 21, 21:30. The bravest ones close at 22. However, La P’tite Brasserie, which has a pretty good rating on Google Maps, had boldly stated that it closes at midnight. Without calling them, we went straight to them. If all the nice restaurants and bars are in the direction towards the river, on the pedestrian streets, it is exactly in the opposite direction and is on the boulevard. It turned out, however, that our choice was not bad, read on why I think so.

 See ….

…. The interior is not very impressive, I would rather not go in if I was supposed to make a random visit and if I was not pressed by the of lack of free tables at other restaurants and their recent closure. Hence 2 hearts down.

 Feel ….

…. In fact, the high rating of the restaurants may come from the service…. and low prices. They don’t speak English well, but they are very helpful, they joke, they try to explain everything that interests you, they start a little conversation about where you come from, whether you like Bordeaux, etc. They have a special frame that they give customers to take a picture, as if they were a picture in a frame, but it’s fun.

…. We were cold as we entered, because all the windows and doors were open to the street, but we were accommodated in a cozy place in the corner, by our request, and things got better. One heart fell because of the cold room.

Hear ….

…. When we entered – there was Greek music. Combined with the late closing hours, we decided it was a Greek tavern, but none of the staff confirmed Greek origin, and the restaurant was a brasserie, not a tavern. Then we heard chanson and various hits. There was no specific style.

Brasserie in the Francophone world means a brewery, but also a restaurant, with a more informal setting, where you can order 1 dish only, not 2 or 3 courses, as was the case everywhere we went so far.

Movie watching time: 0:52 min.

Smell ….

…. The food smelled appetizing, but the sepia with spices seemed to be most interesting as a combination of fine sea flavor, butter, and herbs;

…. The wine in the glass is good and many bottles are open, so you have a wide choice to combine the aromas of the food with that of the wine!

Taste ….

…. It is interesting to tell how we chose what to eat.

On the dashboard, everything is in French. Knowledge of the group in French – 0.5% – I know some words of basic things to eat, but all the details about it I cannot understand. We understand that the prices are super low – appetizers and desserts are 5 euros, the main 9 euros. We have never seen such prices anywhere, except in the boulangerie next to our house in Bergerac.

Boulangerie is a bakery where you can buy bread, croissants in various variants, all kinds of dough products. However, Patisserie is more like a pastry shop – there are also croissants, but there are all kinds of pastries, absolute works of art.

…. We also understand that there is beef sauté with mushrooms, fish fillets, something Spanish, chipirons, which is squid, we already have learned it in another restaurant, tart with lemon and meringue  and chocolate mousse, but this is not enough to choose what to eat.

Rillettes is usually minced meat mixed with another type of meat or other product, with added fat and spices.

And here the waiter or the owner or some manager intervenes asking us “Do you trust me?”

So, we decide to trust the man- what can we do wrong, our knowledge of French can also deceive us. He offers to bring us a little of all the appetizers and it turns out to be a very good idea, because we tried more things and they were all delicious, not some ingenious dishes but nice – from vegetables, through stuffed eggs, to sepia, which I have already praised.

…. Entrecote – our men praised it;

Entrecote is beef / boneless beef near the ribs. Here we call it veal medallions, and the English-speaking world calls it a rib-eye.

In Bordeaux there is a restaurant called Entrecote, and it is very popular. It is believed that the best entrecote steaks are made there. It also has such a recipe Entrecote Bordelaise, which comes from Bordeaux. However, no reservations are made in this restaurant and people line up in long queues to sit there. When we saw the queue, we decided that we were not big fans of meat enough to wait for 100 people to eat and get up.

So instead of the restaurant of the same name with the queue, our men decided to try the veal medallion here and approved it, mostly, perhaps, because of the price and the opportunity to wait for it  in a sitting position.

…. I asked for Cremant de Bordeaux, but they didn’t have one and they served me prosecco, which surprised me a lot – in Bordeaux they gave me Italian sparkling wine instead of the local cremant.

Cremant is a sparkling wine that is produced in the Champagne method, but does not come from this region, rather other appellations that are authorized to produce cremant. Its quality may not be inferior to that of Champagne, but the prices are much more affordable.

Crémant de Bordeaux is made in Bordeaux, but unfortunately I didn’t see much of it in restaurants and I only tried it at the Bordeaux Wine Museum.

If you do not have a reservation, and you are in the area of ​​the Meriadeck shopping center, feel free to go to La P’tite Brasserie and eat in confidence, as recommended by the slightly better-spoking English gentleman.

How to get to restaurant La P’tite Brasserie in Bordeaux?

Don’t worry about getting to La P’tite Brasserie in Bordeaux. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

La P'tite Brasserie, 127, Rue Georges Bonnac, Saint-Bruno, Bordeaux Centre, Бордо, Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 33000, Франция

A: 127 Rue Georges Bonnac, 33000 Bordeaux, France

T: +33553310314

The best part and important to note, given the manner of restaurants in France:

Opening hours: Every day from 10 am to midnight, excluding Mondays

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