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Oze- non-standard, stylish, terribly tasty, energy-efficient place in Bordeaux, France

Restaurant Oze rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

April  2022

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Smelled       5 сърца 12920     

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I chose Oze at random. I was looking to be around our guest house Maison de Manege. We went straight there, it was Thursday and we were lucky finding vacant seats. We were seated at a high table, like a bar with high chairs. There was another large company at such a table. The restaurant is a gourmet bistro, founded in 2019 and is the best place to eat that we came across during this trip around Bordeaux and Bergerac. So, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to borrow an idea for a trip around.

 See ….

…. Super cool and modern interior, interesting combination of stainless steel and wood, open kitchen, I really liked it strait from the entrance;

…. The chairs are shaped like champagne corks – a very nice idea!

…. On the walls you can see a mini exhibition of poster art – there were posters from various events, we even became interested and googled some of them to see where they take place and what they are for;

…. Large cellar in which the wine is stored at low temperature, with a small table and chairs for tasting;

…. Ingenious serving of dishes in a variety of non-standard plates and trays – coconut, walnut, thick-walled bowl, metal mesh under which there is straw and more.

The food in Oze is an extravaganza of colors in which there is no forbidden shade, including white and black.

I recommend watching the movie to see all these things!

Feel ….

…. Super cute, with an extravagant look, young Frenchwoman, speaking pretty good English, smiling and energetic explained to us everything about the concept of the restaurant plats a partager and every detail of the food. Since we had eaten a lot and were wondering whether to order desserts, she turned things around so jokingly that we finally gave up and ordered 2 and we were not mistaken at all !!!

Plats a partager means “dishes to share”. The food is shaped like tapas to be shared by 5 or 6 people. The waiter herself offers you how to combine the order so the food to suffice the whole company.

…. The energy of the place is especially pleasant – it is very youthful, relaxed, customers feel super good.

You can see in the restaurant the manager/owner himself, circulating around,  explaining- Eric Satger. The other owner is also named Eric, but the family is Giraud and he has worked for many prominent restaurants.

Both Erics do really good job!

One more curious thing. Special attention is paid to the genre – short messages in the toilet. There is a blackboard in the room in question, perfectly clean and a piece of white chalk, so that everyone can leave a message. It is fun!

Hear ….

…. It was noisy because there were a lot of people, everyone was having fun and laughing, but you could also hear the good music – modern, French and international.

Movie watching time: 2:52 min.

Smell ….

…. Oze’s cuisine combines traditional French recipes with Asian elements, which makes a great fusion – the aromas of ginger, lemongrass, sesame for me always make the dishes fabulous;

…. The spicy and at the same time sweet passion fruit perfume in creme brulee, served directly in its skin!

…. Mango in the best Pavlova I’ve ever eaten, and this is my favorite dessert and it’s not like I haven’t tried it in various forms, variants and restaurants.

Taste ….

Did I mention that this bistro has a maximum rating of 5 on Tripadvisor and close to a maximum rating of 4.8 on Google Maps? They totally deserve it – both as a concept, and as food, and as a service, and as an interior!

…. Every tapas that came was superb – it combined crispy textures with soft, cold with warm, colors and shades!

We have tried and recommend each of these things…

… Vegetables in hummus

… Crispy shrimps – wrapped in rice flour crust

… Spring rolls – also very crunchy, in Asian style

… Crispy squid with a very nice sauce to them

… Small omelets

… Veal – great made in medium to well-done

… Octopus

… Brownie, drizzled with chocolate and a meringue perched on top

… Creme brulee in passion fruit peel

… And divine Pavlova – the most exquisite of all!


I think that Oze can easily be included in my special selection of places that are models of the Experience Economy in action. According to this theory of Joseph Pines and James Gilmore, the best places, that customers remember, recommend and want to return to are those that make their experience there aesthetic, fun, educational and escapist, i.e. make you escape from reality.

I told about the aesthetic in the category See…, the fun was in Feel…, the whole experience in Oze stopped time, took us away from reality and we didn’t want to end, but our stomachs were just full and we couldn’t take it anymore. As for the educational one, if you are wondering why we were educated so much, we learned a few more words in French, because the waitress gladly translated everything from the menu that interested us into English. So I enriched my knowledge from 0.4% to 0.5%, so to speak.

How to get to restaurant Oze in Bordeaux?

Don’t worry about getting there. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

20, Rue du Palais Gallien, Saint-Seurin, Bordeaux Centre, Бордо, Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 33000, Франция

A: 20 Rue du Palais Gallien, 33000 Bordeaux, France

T: +33556523634

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 19-22:30, Thursday and Friday the same but in noon time  from 12 till 14. Sunday and Monday – closed.

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