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Rating for Neptun by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.9 out of 5.

Last visit in April 2018.


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See ….

…. The sea-calm in the morning , in the afternoon roaring- the restaurant is on the waterfront, straight on the beach- what beauty;

…. Pleasant interior-  on the first floor in a modern style, with elements of sea adventures, the second with white tablecloths, sofas with a colorful damask;

…. There is also a night piano bar, and in the summer- a beach bar;

…. Children can have fun in the kid’s corner, outside on the sand there is a playground too;

…. Again in favor of the parents, there is a special children’s menu with many interesting salads depicting interesting shapes on the plate.


Feel ….

…. The service could be a little better – the waiters are not very fast or melting with politeness , however still they are at a much better level, compared to other places in Burgas;

…. Wind in the afternoon and evening – if you have decided to be at the table outside, prepare yourself with a outerwear;

…. There are a few cold rooms for spring time.

Hear ….

…. The noise of the sea;

…. Live music-violin, piano, tender and pleasant in the evening and also at lunch over the weekend;

…. Chill-Out music when no live performance.



Smell ….

…. The smell of celery in mussels with white wine served in shells;

…. Dill and other green herbs in the dressing with which the shrimps are topped- extremely fresh and pleasant.

…. Fresh nettle flavor in nettle soup with poached egg, manna croup and yogurt.


 Taste ….

…. I already mentioned mussels in shell- really good dish;

…. Once again I repeat about the shrimps in butter with a sauce of herbs;

…. Nettle soup is my favorite, served only in spring;

…. Tarama Caviar– served with homemade bread prepared on site;

…. In the summer I ate a shrimp cocktail with arugula, crispy salty biscuit and black sesame- I loved it, only it has dripped a lot of on my white dress and it looked like the apron of some painter smudged in different colors;

…. Desserts- always served in combination with fresh fruits for balancing the sweet taste and enjoying its splendor  on the plate- the soufflé is called lava cake and it is very nice, cream caramel is my daughter’s favorite.



I always visit Neptune Restaurant when I go to Burgas. I believe that this is the best place there, although there are others who receive awards in the yearly contest by Bacchus, Restaurant of the year.


The Neptune service is at decent level and the food is remarkable. There you can eat both local fish and other Mediterranean representatives of the marine fauna, as well as different types of meat, vegetarian dishes, desserts. There is a wide selection of good wine from Bulgaria and the world.

We owe our delight of this wonderful cuisine to Chef Katya Kondeva. Congratulations to this lady, her persistence in maintaining a high quality food and audacity to be stated as a master in the realm of the traditional male territory of the chefs.

A: Bourgas, the Sea Garden, near the hotel Primoretz

T: + 359 878 101 788

E: restorant@neptunburgas.com


To navigate with Google Maps to the location of Neptun, click on the pin in the map and then hit Directions:

Централен плаж, Бургас, България, 8000 Бургас, България

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