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Where in Bourgas can you stay in style, next to the sea garden ?

Promenade score by the 5D Sensograph of 5 out of 5.

December 2018


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Right before the entrance to my favorite restaurant in Burgas- Neptun, where Chef Katya Kondeva creates her great cuisine, on the corner of “Knyaz Batenberg” str. and “Tsar Simeon” you will see a small stylish hotel, named Promenade. It’s completely new, it opened for the first time in 2018.

We were promenading along the sea garden when we saw it for the first time. We noticed a nice freshly refurbished but at the same time vintage building. On our next trip to Burgas, the building already had a title. And on the next, we stayed in it. If you are not looking for a large hotel with a swimming pool, but rather for a nice one with style and neat playfulness, Promenade will be your top choice. The building turned out to be an old house, the so-called Zourkova House. Zourkov was a pharmacist who had high standard of living, and he was probably attracted to that beauty, just the way we were.

The style of Promenade’s façade  is a French secession, which has been preserved ever since it was built. There is no way if you are walking in the sea garden or going to the central beach not to notice it. It is remarkable, especially with these figures on the walls and wrought iron of the balconies.

See ….

….. Very small reception, but spacious rooms- our studio perfectly complied to the needs of our 4-member family;

…. Watercolors, statuettes, sculptures– small charming details in the interior to make you feel at home;

…. The restaurant is very pleasant, it has a large covered garden and the menu focus is on steaks and BBQ.

Felt ….

…. Pleasant service at the reception, we have no impressions from housekeeping due to our short stay;

…. A bit slow service at breakfast, as the main part of it is not a buffet, but freshly prepared in the kitchen. You choose from a card with fixed menus.

Listen ….

…. Popular pieces in slow soul and jazz arrangement- very pleasant music, at the beginning the sound was a little loud for the morning hours, but after our request to decrease it, it was immediately corrected.

Smell ….

…. Aromatic compliment coffee from capsules in the room, which you can sweeten with small sweets and  chocolates.

…. Fresh Breakfast Products- delicious and fresh.


Tasted ….

…. There were several fixed breakfast menus that were prepared at the moment. Pancakes with fruits and honey, English breakfast and poached eggs on whole wheat toast with avocado, mozzarella and tomato. It was delicious!

The next time we go, we will definitely try the evening menu of hotel’s restaurant, Norma. Despite the lack of pool, our family, including children, unanimously decided that next time we shall stay again in Promenade. This time we will try to book in the villa, which is next to the hotel’s main building.

If you already want to book accommodation in Promenade, I have added search box for your convenience. Just select the dates and click Search. You keep all your genius discounts and privileges.

А: Bulgaria, Burgas, 32 ″ Knyaz al. Battenberg″ str.

T: + 359883223939, + 35956825220


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