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Where is the latest Bulgarian progressive gourmet hit for 2019 in Sofia?-Part 2

Since I couldn’t write about Karmare restaurant briefly and concisely, the current story appears to be the second part of my review about them. In the first part, I explained what its name meant. I told about the first 5 courses out of 9 in total from the menu we tasted, about the restaurant, the team and the main composer of this progressive Bulgarian gourmet hit- Chef Georgy Boykovski. 😊

I would recommend though to take a look at part one: Where is the latest Bulgarian progressive gourmet hit for 2019 in Sofia?-Part 1

Listen ….

…. Progressive Bulgarian music based on folklore. We heard famous traditional folklore pieces, but in alternative arrangements in tune with the style of the restaurant.

…. The presentations of the dishes– so many special techniques, combinations of products, variety of aggregate states and fragrances were used to prepare this unique food, that one cannot remember and assimilate from the first time the whole information. The Maitre d’Hôtel openhandedly explained to us every time we asked about some detail on the plate. Congratulations for his friendly attitude towards us and a serious attitude to the creations in the kitchen.

Smell ….

…. Chardonnay from Prisoe- Signature Chardonnay, Prisoe Family Winery & Vineyards, 2017. It was a little cool at first and didn’t want to reveal its treasures. I waited for it patiently, suspecting it had potential and I was not wrong giving it a chance. Besides the herbaceous tones, it opened a very interesting apricot flavor, green fruit and apple.

…. Sixth course– wine kebab with sturgeon! It looked like nigiri, except that the sturgeon pieces were placed on mashed potatoes, there were crumbs of pork heart and brain. Bulgaria waved to Asia with a wine scent and the latter playfully winked with lemon and ginger perfume. Brave, Chef, but very cool, just like the welcome cocktail.

…. A very interesting Merlot from the warm 2015, limited edition of Ruevit Estate, Veliko Turnovo Cellar. On the nose- an interesting combination of grasses and black fruits. To taste oak tannins, well teamed up the wine kebab and the next main.

…. Attention, there is a smoks of Spanish wood and Abra-Kadabra in the seventh step. 😊

 Tasted ….

…. From the smoke materializes gyoza, with a leaf of sour cabbage, with kimchi beads and fillet of East-Balkan pig, on a gel of bay leaf and apple. There was also crispy pork rind.

…. First dessert, eighth courseyou’ve never seen, such a nerd-looking walnut, which is not walnut, but is a pumpkin ice cream, but it has the taste of a pumpkin, and mild flavours of walnut. Pastry crusts were scattered artistically around in the company of chocolate pods, drops from the yuzu sorbet, caramel, cinnamon, powdered sugar. Comment exhausted with the sound Mmmmmm!;

…. We’ve reached the ninth course. Which was the favorite cake of Bulgarians years ago” Garash chocolate cake of course. Except, this one is different- the chocolate is there and the walnut base too, but it is enriched with my favorite salty caramel, the chocolate is black crispy and milky creamy and the finish is given by the aroma of smoked whiskey. Cheers!

Karmare, by Chef Boykovski, ladies and gentlemen!

To Chef Boykovksi, to the team, to the interior designers – thank you for creating this place!

The  5D Sensograph 👅👃👁👂🖐  of placescases.com  gladly gave its maximum 5 hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ to Karmare. It is appropriate for Michelin to start giving away its stars so as not to look like non-progressive people. 😉

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A: Sofia, 105 Knyaz Boris I, Bulgaria

T: + 359 899 000 681- If you know what the last 3 digits in this tel. number mean, you have good knowledge of Bulgarian history? Share it in the comments 😊

Working hours: Mon-Sat, 12-22:30 pm, Sunday 10-15:30 pm

Don’t worry how to get to Karmare, in Sofia. Just use the placescases.com google maps guide by clicking on the red pin on the map and then choosing directions:

ул. „княз Борис I“ 105, 1000 Център, София, България

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