Travel Cocktails at Radio Park Fest 2019, photos by placescases.com

Travel Cocktails at Radio Park Fest 2019, South Park, Sofia

During the day I was at a culinary event in South Park and regretted that I could not try the new summer cocktails of Paul Pamukchiev from Travel Cocktails, who had a booth there. About Pavel’s cocktails I wrote in my post PreChristmas at Sofia Food Truck Fest 2018. For that event, which I was attending you can see more here.

For people who do not know, Pavka has an award from the most prestigious contest for bartenders World Class Competition. He is keen on kite surfing and has a year-round tan on the face from which his smile never goes down.

But the same day in the evening when I went to listen to my favorite Bulgarian band Jeremy? At Radio Park Fest 2019 on the Big Meadow in South Park, I had a super pleasant surprise because Pavka turned out to be positioned also there with his little cute Travel Cocktails caravan. I’ve dedicated all my attention to it putting behind all beer propositions.

If you come upon Pavel’s caravan somewhere at the Bulgarian sea side, at some gastronomic, or musical event, you must try his summer cocktails because they are super cool, just like the winter ones. 🙂

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