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Restaurant Spectrum – fine dining, in the center, high above Sofia

Restaurant Spectrum  rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.6 out of 5

Aug 2023

Seen            4 hearts rating 129x20

Felt              5 сърца 12920

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Smelled      5 сърца 12920

Tasted        5 сърца 12920 


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Spectrum is the newest fine dining restaurant in Grand Hotel Millennium. With what it impresses the most, you can tell from the short descriptions by the categories of the 5 human senses.

See in Spectrum

… The most impressive thing, right from the entrance, is the wonderful view. The restaurant is located on the 28th floor of the Millennium Hotel;

… The interior design is minimalistic, the ceiling is high and all this gives the space an extra airiness;

… The menu is Asian fusion.

It is good to know that this is a typical fine dining restaurant and the prices of both food and wine are slightly higher.

… One heart down in See category, due to the poor light on the tables after sunset. Because of the high ceiling, the lighting is quite far from the table. There are table lamps that diffuse light only downwards, which is a nice idea, but it is not enough to enjoy the beautiful plating and variety of colors of the food on the trays and plates.

Why light on the table is so important, and especially when the cuisine is high class, you can read in the publication from the 5D Sensograph column dedicated to neurogastronomy, What is fovea and what does it have to do with gourmet?.


Feel in Spectrum

… Very good and skilled service;

… Everything has been thought of, including the cigar heavies. There is a special hall for smokers, which is spacious, well ventilated, equipped with cigar aficionados, so there is no discomfort for guests who eat in the main hall and also for smokers. The smoking space is large enough, with comfortable sofas and armchairs, high tables, for those wishing to enjoy the view more.

… Perfect tempura with a remarkable crispiness. The feeling of crunching a strip of pepper, zucchini, sprig of parsley, onion or shrimp, or spring roll wrapped in this wonderful thing is a great pleasure!!!

Hear in Spectrum

… Ethnic music from all over the world, chill fusion, which was wonderfully resonated with the whole design of the place.

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Smell in Spectrum

… Lovely ceviche with Saint-Jacques mussel and ginger flavor;

We combined it perfectly with…

… The aroma of Alvarinho from Spain – fresh, playful, light salinity and minerality, combined with white peach. Even the cheapest bottles of wine here are very high quality, as the suppliers are some of the best and the restaurant consults with the top sommelier of Bulgaria – Blagoy Kuzmanski.

Taste in Spectrum

Everything recommended in the previous category is perfect, but I will add a few more things.

… Salmon yakitori sake in quinoa breading. Crispy crust and tender salmon inside;

… If you’re feeling experimental, you can try Chaowanmushi, which is tofu-based and contains a thick cream similar to crème caramel, with shiitake mushroom and shrimp on top. They say it’s a type of soup, but I wouldn’t call it that because of the thickness of the cream. What you see as a dessert in the movie is the thing in question, but it’s not so sweet as to pass for dessert, rather it’s slightly sweet and it gives variety to the tofu. Its flavor is sharp, from the tofu and shiitake, and you really have to look forward to a new experience with this dish.

… I have already mentioned the vegetable spring rolls, they are very crispy and tasty, served with a light spicy sauce.

… Cocktails are also a worthy start or finish to a wonderful dinner or lunch at the establishment. I recommend Margarita san and Pink Pornstar. The first is only slightly spicy, very aromatic and well balanced, the second is like a dessert, it contains a chocolate liqueur that makes it rich and aromatic, and the puree of passion fruit with its delicate seeds makes it also playful.

How to get to Spectrum?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Vitosha Blvd 89b, 1463 Ivan Vazov, Sofia

T: +359 888 755 595

Opening hours: 18:00- 01:00

How to book your stay?

You can book your stay right hereFor your convenience, I have added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you and I will get a modest commission. Just enter the dates of your trip, the place, then hit the Search button and voila.


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