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Why can Gig be the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia?

Unlike Bulgaria, the Michelin Guide has already visited Belgrade and included about 20 restaurants. Two of them have been honored with the so-called Bib, while the rest are simply included in the guide.

However, Gig opened after the Michelin inspectors’ visit to Belgrade, so it is not listed in the guide. Nevertheless, it doesn’t lag behind- in fact, it may even surpass most of them.

February 2024

Rating for Gig by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.6 out of 5.

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        5 сърца 12920

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         5 сърца 12920

        5 сърца 12920

        5 сърца 12920


Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

See an interesting modern design, with contemporary art and an even more impressive wine list.

Feel Slightly more familiar service than I would expect for an establishment of such high class.

Hear jazz music pleasing the ear, unobtrusively, creating a pleasant background for dining and conversations.

Smell bold flavor combinations starting from the amuse-bouche compliments, through the local wine, to the desserts at the end. The aromas of wine from local grape varieties are noteworthy.

Taste very delicious fined food, appropriately presented on the plates.


To find out more what else makes Gig impressive, keep reading further.

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Restaurant Gig

See in Gig …

… The plating: like visual masterpieces that complement the contemporary art on the walls.

… The menu is concise and changes regularly: which is expected from a typical fine dining restaurant. The list with their offers is presented in an envelope, like a personal message. What a great idea! It’s as if the food is selected especially for you.

… The rich wine list: it includes remarkable appellations, vintages, and bottles. Château Margaux, Mouton Cadet, Chateau Lafite are just some of the impressive representatives.

… Water bottles with crystals charging it for health and happiness: whether it’s just a marketing trick or not, it’s interesting to be served water from such a striking bottle.


Feel  in Gig

… The service is somewhat over-familiar: the waiter’s attempts jokes that are not marching the level of the establishment. It is rather expected to adhere to the presentation of the food, explanations, and advice, without jokes and remarks.

… We had to wait quite a bit for the main courses: it was a bit uncomfortable for those of us who did not choose appetizers.

Two hearts are excluded, not because they don’t deserve them, but because those very small details need to be sorted out for them to secure the first Michelin star for Serbia, or at least that’s how I see it.


Hear in Gig

… Very pleasant jazz music: exactly as expected from such a place. It is not intrusive, stylish, and complements the fined dining.

Movie-watching time: 2:21 min.

Smell in Gig

… Wonderful and bold flavor combinations: straight from the amuse-bouche, we entered a kaleidoscope of aromas – a tangerine soup with cucumber gel was part of the triple amuse-bouche. Combined with a local aromatic wine, it’s a perfect match.

… Fresh pear and apple notes in the white wine Sila Nika, from the Imerator winery, which produces organic wines. The winery and the restaurant share the same owners, and if you like any of their wines, you can purchase them directly at the restaurant.

Taste  in Gig

Products from their own biodynamic  farm: the meat is from freely raised animals, and the fish is wild.

… Every dish on the menu is worth trying: they have thought about vegan guests, and the waiters inquire about allergies and food intolerances at the beginning.

… Wine is a must: I personally recommend trying the local wine from their Imerator winery, but they have a rich wine list with representatives from around the world, including rare bottles that are hard to find in restaurants and stores. However, I recommend trying local varieties- the highly aromatic Tamjanika for white wines, and Vranac and Prokupac for reds.

… The wine glasses are specially selected: made of thin glass, as in Zalto, although they were not from that brand, but others.

I highly recommend Gig restaurant to anyone who enjoys fine dining! The level is comparable to a Michelin star, the prices are not low, but they are not as high as in Western European award-winning restaurants. You can make a reservation through their website.

How to get to Gig?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Trešnjinog cveta 1a, Novi Beograd 11070, Serbia

T: +381668651312

Open hours: 12:30-22:00

How to book your stay?

I recommend that you check the packages that the hotel offers on their website because they are very affordable. But for your convenience, I have also put a box on booking.com. Compare the prices and choose an option.


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