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A short guide for the contemporary visitor of Belgrade

Special thanks to M. and S., as well as M. and K., for showing me all these special places that I have described here!

At least 2 times a year I am in Belgrade and every time I cannot stop wondering how there is always something new and interesting to see, visit, try and taste there.

See a short movie about all the places I’ve described here. Viewing time: 5.24 min.

The first thing to mention is that you shall need local currency. EUR 1 is appr 30 dinars. You can get dinars anywhere – there are multiple exchange offices.

The road from Sofia by car is only a 400 km or 5 hours, in the absence of a queue at the border. You leave at 7 a.m. and get there for lunch straight to Frans or Saran in Belgrade.

Why do I recommend to start with them, read in the posts Franš – a valuable discovery in Belgrade, Serbia  and Let’s have fish by the river Danube in restaurant Saran, Zemun, Belgrade. 

If you arrive by plane and need transportation to the city, I recommend you to install the Naxis taxi application. It’s a good company.

Naxis taxi, photo by placescases.com
Naxis taxi, photo by placescases.com

If you’re traveling by car, make sure your hotel provides parking. There is usually an extra charge, but your car is stored safe. Nevski and Saint Ten have their own parking lot. If you stay at Belgrade Art Hotel, which is on the main pedestrian Kneza Mihajla, you can use the large multi-storey public parking nearby named Garage Obilićev venac. It location is pinned on the Google map below.

Townhous 27, a very nice hotel with excellent service, situated in the center, also provides parking nearby.

From all mentioned above hotels, the best is Saint Ten. Read about it in the reveiw Saint Ten, an exceptional hotel in the center of Belgrade. Only, it is slightly higher positioned as prices because it is part of the Small Luxury Hotels collection. The other very good alternative is described in the Townhouse 27 hotel, within a stone’s throw length to the main pedestrian street in Belgrade, Serbia.

Close to the last one is a gorgeous pastry shop and café named CoffeeRoom, with boutique cakes, ice cream, macarons and many other things.

If you are already planning a trip to Belgrade I recommend that you book your stay right here .For your convenience, I added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you. Just enter the dates of your trip, then hit the Search button and voila. In addition, booking.com are doing their best to make sure that your expectations as a customer are fulfilled. I’ve described an example about the latter in my story about our stay in Shangri-La hotel in Singapore .


Planning your itinerary for Belgrade, one of the things I recommend is to include, especially if you stay at Saint Ten, because of its close proximity, the recently renovated and still partly in repair church St. Sava. Go down to the crypt and see how huge it is.

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If you have good weather, go to the old fortress Kalemegadan for a walk. Explore the historical remains, sit on a bench and enjoy the view to the two rivers Danube and Sava.

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If it rains and especially if you are with children, you must go and have some fun at the Museum of Illusion (Muzej Iluzija).

I sincerely recommend having a walk through Zemun, a district of Belgrade, but only since 1934. Previously it was an independent city, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and at some point of Croatia. There’s a specific architecture, steep cobbled streets and even a tower from ancient times that spikes the sky with its sharp peak. It is situated on the Danube river. For this reason, the coastal street is full of pubs. One of them is the fish restaurant Saran, which I already mentioned to you. Be sure to try the fish soup like the one in the photo in the movie dedicated to it.

Beton Hala, pronounced with accent on E, is a party place with delicious food. I strongly recommend that you visit it or at least walk the pier along the Sava River. There are two places that I recommend, Toro Latin Gastrobar and Ambar, for which I have posted movies and reveiws. Read more about them in Endless Feast in AmBar, Belgrade, Serbia and  Feast and fiesta in South American style at Toro Latino Gastrobar, Belgrade, Serbia.  It is no coincidence that the titles of the two publications are all about celebrating.

These two establishments are related by ownership. There is a third one belonging to this collection, which has rustic ambiance, offering traditional Serbian dishes with an interesting presentation. Its name is Mala Fabrika Ukusa. You can read more about it in Traditional Serbian cuisine with a modern interpretation in Mala Fabrika Ukusa, Belgrade.

It is nice to walk along the main pedestrian street Kneza Mihajla. There are many pleasant places along the side streets. Nearby are the Black Sheep (Crna Ovca) with its fabulous boutique ice creams and Smokvica, with its fabulous burgers and cocktails. See them in this post The wonderful burgers of Smokvica, meters from the main pedestrian street in Belgrade, Serbia. 


Good cocktails you can drink also in the nearby Bar Central, which is on the same street as Smokvitsa and Crna Ovca. They say that the best mixologists of Belgrade’s are there.

Two of the most interesting and memorable places I have visited are exactly in Belgrade. Read more about them and see them in Adventure with the secret Restaurant- Salon 5, Belgrade and Lorenzo & Kakalamba- the most colourful and eclectic restaurant in Belgrade.

You will surely enjoy your time in the Museum of Yugoslavia (Muzej Jugoslavije), which presents numerous gifts received by Tito, the leader of ex-Yugoslavia in the socialist time. You will learn a lot of interesting things about Serbia’s history. You will understand why Yugoslavia was never a typical socialist state.

I won’t recommend you to go to the Nicolo Tesla Museum because they have tremendous fails in the visitor’s admission. You go there and you get in line to join a group with English guide. If by any chance the group exceeds a number, the rest of the people are out. How do they determine the number- maybe by chance. You may have been 40 minutes earlier there, but if you don’t push forward, you’re will not get in. After 3 attempts, I gave up trying.

The last time I was really angry by this ridiculous situation with this museum and I decided to find some other interesting place around. This is how I got into a house, where a wonderful boutique store was located. I found there very interesting accessories, clothes and decoration, handmade by designers with  fantasy and great sense of aesthetics. It’s called FAB Living!, abbreviation by Furniture & Art Broker by Una.

The stuff there was not cheap, but it’s worth a lot, even just for looking. I know it was a hit among the modern rich ladies of Belgrade. I would mention here that the contemporary Belgrade lady is super slender, taking good care of her looks, elegant, at events always with high heels, hairstyle and clothes selected with a lot of style.

For me the top attraction was the visit of the palaces-the Royal and White Palaces (Kraljevski i Beli Dvora). It is very well organized by the tourist office. The visitors are taken from the center of the city by bus and driven to the site. There are tours guided in English you can learn a lot of interesting things about the older history of Serbia. You will realize that the Serbian kings are with local descent. The last of them was called Karadžordževi.

Here is more information about the tourist office:

Tourist Information Centre in Belgrade,

Knez Mihailova 56

Phone: 011 26 35 622

E-mail: bginfo.knezmihailova@tob.rs

Website: www.tob.rs

Make sure to take a walk and dine some time in any of the authentic restaurants on Skadarlija, the bohemian district in the center of Belgrade. The local orchestras demonstrate incredible mastery in acoustic playing. Swipe the photos to the left in this post on placescases.com   Instagram page to hear them.


Don’t worry how  to get to all these places. Just press the red pins on this Google map here and then Directions.

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There’s a lot more to tell about Belgrade, but I have to stop somewhere. So, plan a weekend, or better, a week and go. Enjoy!

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