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StrEat FEST 2018- a Cornucopia of STREET FOOD on the Women’s Market in Sofia, organized by Bacchus Magazine

StrEat Fest 2018 score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

June 2018


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Unlike last year, when I only managed to see huge queues in front of the ticket kiosks and I could not enter, this year I purchased online a 4-member family ticket, 15 BGN, (I thank  Bacchus magazine, for this wonderful option) and we entered easily the StrEat Fest at the Women’s Market in Sofia, organized for the 2nd consecutive year by Bacchus magazine. I had even exported the PDF file of the ticket to an application in my phone and I had no problem checking-in. We were put stamps on our hands and we dove into one of the most awesome culinary experiences in the beginning of the summer this year.


See ….

…. Multiple stands, offering wondrously seductive foods and drinks, variety of styles, flavors, combinations, colors;

…. No crowds and jams, only smiling people walking quietly, trying delicious things, visibly having the time of their life and resting;

…. How the rain poured suddenly, but people did not stop smiling and did not give up the fest, and then the sun came out and it became hot again.


Felt ….

…. The guard at the entrance welcomed us, the staff who sells/checks the tickets gave us kindly an organic material bag to collect our purchases in it, then at every stall people offered very friendly their production praising the quality, origin and subtleties of its preparation;

…. We could not help but take from our favorite gyoza by Hamachi-ni– crispy outside, with a gentle vegetable or veal filling  inside, no matter we have been recently at their restaurant;


…. Amazing crispy, fried dough bags stuffed with chicken and something more  at the Royal Thai restaurant, which definitely impressed me and I will surely visit them on their territory.

Listen ….

…. The amazing band of Villy Stoyanov and company– they brought to the great mood on the market with their perky dixie sound. They were the same ones who played at the Awards for Best Restaurants, 2017 by Bacchus’ magazine. Read more about this event in the article SEE WHICH WERE THE BEST RESTAURANTS FOR 2017 IN BULGARIA ACCORDING TO BACCHUS MAGAZINE.

Smell ….

…. There were all kinds of savours Balkan grill, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Asian exotic spices, Latin-American chili,Incredible bouquet!

…. Coriander and lime, which elegantly emphasize the taco at Chilli Hills booth, the Bulgarian producer of the most varied sauces;

…. Scents of herbs and garlic in the snails by L’Instant, which closed doors unfortunately some time ago, but they continue to make catering;

…. Again by L’Instant (obviously I miss their cuisine very much), fresh melted soft cheese, which is watering on fresh-baked potatoes and it gets something like fondue on a potato sofa-unique!

…. Tamianka by the Bulgarian cellar Bassarea– I have forgotten the smell of this white wine. Great combination with the smelly melted French cheese.

…. The glamorous notes of new oak in the Essense Chardonnay Barrique 2016 by Cellar Little Star (Malkata zvezda). One of my sommelier teachers values more wine, left  with its pure flavors without new oak fragrances, but I like the sweet new oak scents too. At The Little Star they use only Bulgarian barrels, and those, as I feel, are not inferior to the French;

…. I tried beer Vitoshko Tulip (Vitoshko Lale), but it, just like a French wine I drank some years ago, had a smell of horse skin, not to express myself more strongly. My master sommelier would say that how you perceive such odors is a matter of habit the French are used to and like the nuances of the horse in their wine and that beer could be the same case for some people.

 Tasted ….

…. The coolest watermelon gazpacho, prepared by the talents of the HRC Culinary Academy in Sofia, where students from all over the world study restaurant business and develop their culinary skills. A lightly sweet cream-gazpacho was balanced by a soft white cheese crumbs, the other vegetables and spices were  well strained, and all this was supported in the same playful summer style by crispy bread stick;


…. Shrimps on a skewer again from Royal Thai restaurant and also chicken in turmeric and other spices- I shall be visiting soon this restaurant and I am looking forward to it;

…. Very cool chilli con carne by Chilli Hills in tacos, and the chicken stuffing was not bad too, as well as the slightly spicy sweet souse with peppers and tomatoes on the side;

…. The strangest beer I drank had a fruity taste, topped with a slightly sweet slushy, made from beer and crispy spicy sweet popcorn, offered to me by beer bar Kanaal– “There is no such animal!”  would say the Shop (a representative from a geographical region in Bulgaria, famous with his/her stubbornness :)) from the Bulgarian joke  as he said about the giraffe. This beer  was very interesting and I feel inspire to try other crazy options too;

…. My favorite Café Chucky also participated they promised me the best cappuccino and made me one.


 Watch the video I made especially for StrEat Fest 2018. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe for the YouTube channel of placescases.com to follow the video news about the interesting places in Bulgaria and the world. 🙂

I don’t dare to advertise too much the StrEat Fest, because I am afraid next year I won’t be able to get in due to too many people willing to enter, as it was the last year. 😉  However, it’s been two days this year and there’s no overload, so next year, maybe three can be even better. I’d go every day to try something different. This year I could not try the cocktails, many Kraft beer remained untasted, not to speak of wineries- I want more Bulgarian wine to taste and smell, because the domestic production constantly proves its good level. I did not mention my favourite Cosmos, Street Chefs, the kings of the  pork BBQ  Ribs Brothers, the Happy Pig, Masters Butchers, who besides nice sausages can make the BBQ.

The wonderful pastry of Cakey Bakey, my favorite bread Bakers Brothers, 100 g Sweet Cookies– macarons and ice creams and so many more. Well, can’t we have another fest as soon as possible?


If you are visiting Sofia for the StrEat Fest next year, you can book your hotel straight here, through the booking.com search box. Just enter your dates and press search. You keep all your genius privileges.

A: Sofia, a Women’s Market, or as it was called in the socialist times market Georgi Kirkov, on Slivnitsa blvd.

To get to StrEat Fest at the Women’s Market in Sofia, use placescases.com and Google Maps Guide by clicking on the red pin on the map and then select directions:

бул. „Стефан Стамболов“, 1202 Център, София, България

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